The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 5a

Note: These stories have been written, till now, for Kayla Lord’s Masturbation Monday meme. Kayla is taking a break from running that meme, so this story is going to be homeless, for now. But my sincere admiration and thanks to Kayla for providing that meme and keeping it up and running so successfully for so long. Thank you, Kayla!

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Sinful Sunday: Intermission

A sweetly relaxed Image of Iintermission.

With just a trace of pink in the air. Or the rear.

Sensual things have been happening, slowly. She knows there is more to come. But in the intermission, the wise woman rests, and lets her imagination wander. 

And the lovely Zoë is always wise.



Wicked Wednesday: In the Realm of the Sensei 14

Seamus faced his class again. No one met his eyes. He spoke quietly for the rest of the class, so they had to be silent, and there was no further mention of disciplinary matters except for occasional sniffs from Yua, in the corner, hands on head, her bottom no doubt sore after her caning.

All was peace until the whistle sounded and the class filed out, some of them glancing at Yua, still standing with her nose to the wall. The skirt covered the three bright stripes that had to be there, where he’d caned her.

When the room was empty, Seamus said, “Yua.”

She walked towards him in little steps, head down. She stood by his desk, silent. Seamus remembered something that his friend and fellow teacher Amida had told him about punishing students in private. Most of the girls would lift their skirts and take down their panties, if ordered. Seamus expected she’d be very cooperative. Still, that was probably too much, for now.

On the other hand, he did think he’d let Yua off too lightly. So he said, “I expect you to do last week’s homework and next week’s, and to give them to me at the start of class next week. Is that understood?”

“Yes, O’Grady-sensei.”

“You know what to expect if that work is less than excellent. I know very well that you aren’t stupid. Even if your excuses have been stupid. So you’re going to stop pretending to be a dummy, and give me your best effort from now on. Is that understood too?”

She bobbed down a little, twisting the bottom of her skirt. It looked like it might be anguish, but it also showed him more of the tops of her thighs. “Of course, O’Grady-sensei. I’m so sorry.”

But when she smiled at him then, it came too easily and too cheerfully, and Seamus decided. The decision was not in her favor. “Good. Now go into the storeroom, Yua, and wait for me. I am not finished with you.”

She lost her smile immediately. But she turned and obeyed. Seamus let a few minutes pass before he followed her, wondering about what she was up to. He was going to give her more strokes of the cane, of course.

She deserved them, so it was, arguably, his duty. He wasn’t going to do anything sexual with her.

Or not directly sexual; she was a very attractive woman and he already had an erection. He could feel the press of his own clothes against his cock, like sweet pain. There was no doubt that he’d be even more aroused when he caned her, and something about her performance after the three strokes he’d already given her suggested that she might be too.

But she’d gone out of her way to deserve her extra stripes, in a school in which corporal punishment was common. She must have known what she was doing. His abstention from school custom, in relation to corporal punishment, had only stood out, so far. It made him weird, not admirable.

He suspected all of his classes would do better work in the coming weeks if he gave Yua a proper tale of woe to tell and some painful-looking marks to show the other girls. Besides, he remembered, he’d borrowed his cane from Amida, and he’d promised to tell him how he’d used it. He hadn’t wanted that story to be about Asuka. So it would be about Yua.

He picked up the cane and followed Yua into the storeroom.


Masturbation Monday: The Ojastara Tales: The Dream 4

Hylas kissed Ojastara’s cunt. It was warmer than human skin should be, almost hot. And her sweat was somehow sweet. No one in Thebes had ever talked of a goddess like this one before, but she must be such, in someone’s pantheon. 

In any case he adored and kissed her cunt, worshipping with fervour, with conviction and with a hard-on. His cock had never felt so hard, so longing, or … so large. He felt as if his cock was full, not just with blood but with energy. Then he kissed her belly, her navel, and, crawling further up her body, her nipples, left then right.

He kissed them again, trying to take as much of each breast into his mouth as he could. He was rewarded when she closed her eyes and let her head fall back. He’d learned that that meant he was doing the right thing.

Her thighs lifted, so her inner thighs clasped his outer thighs, and he lowered his body so that his cock pressed, at last, against that warm wet fruit. He entered her easily, but slowly, wanting to savour every moment and every dactylos* of this new experience. 

Her cunt seemed to embrace his cock, to clasp it in a warm and wet and tight paradise. It was heaven and he was in heaven. Her arms reached up and embraced him, held him, hands stroking his back. He pressed forward then for the first time withdrew a little, and she moaned. Encouraged he pressed forward a little further, then moved back and forth, each forward thrust taking him a little deeper.

At last they met, his pelvic bone pressed hard against hers, cock fully buried in warm pleasure. He could not think; only experience. This was the most intense sensation he had ever known.

He pressed his forehead down towards hers and kissed her nose, inexpertly, then her mouth, open-mouth to open-mouth, with growing skill.

At last he couldn’t hold himself from moving in her, and he began to pump slowly. The goddess held him, with her arms, her thighs and her arms. He was imprisoned, infinitely pleasured. 

He put his hand under her, holding her buttocks, for the sensual pleasure of that, and to hold theirs bodies close. He rode.

  • A dactylos was an ancient measure, used in Thebes and elsewhere: about 19.3 millimetres.