yikes #1

I was about to deliver a serious paddling. It was for getting low marks in a test, in a university course, where I was helping a submissive girl to improve her marks. It wasn’t just a case of punishing her if her scores weren’t good enough (“you get top marks or you get bottom marks”). I also did a lot of positive things to help her get started, and to focus while she was working.

But she did the rest, and although she just barely passed, I’d told her she had to do better than just pass. She had to stay at 75% or above, and her test result was not that. I was not pleased.

So I told her I was going to paddle her. She’d get one medium hard stroke for every point by which she fell short of 100%. That meant a 28-stroke paddling.

“Yikes,” she said.

This story will be continued.