Wedding night theme

wedding spankThis is a meme that turns up quite often in vintage spanking erotica: the wedding night spanking. It’s usually presented as something that’s playful, and a bit silly/sexy. 

At the same time, there’s an element of “teaching the new bride her place” about it that isn’t actually consensual.  In the context, she’s unlikely to have chosen what happens on her wedding night, so it’s more about patriarchy than bdsm. 

Having been serious for two paragraphs, I’m afraid I have to add that for reasons that have nothing to do with sexual politics, I like the tilt and presentation of her bottom, her eyes, and the way the picture hints at bondage by showing the straps of her shoes a little loose, so that t’s easy for the viewer to see her shoes as tied together. (Hmm, there seems to be strips of something black across her wrists as well.) 

His jacket is kind of cool, too. I have one of those, but don’t usually wear it for domming purposes. Maybe I should.