Mouth to mouth 16: Qing’s bottom more pink than golden

assholeI don’t care much about virginity. It didn’t make her ass any nicer or any worse, that no-one had had her anally before. Her ass was perfect, either way. I smacked her again, as a tribute to perfection and to keep her feeling that I was a brute and that she was about to give this utter brute her body. 

Still, that didn’t explain why, a few seconds later, I felt such a strong, lust-driven need to smack her again. Or why Qing made a happy moaning sound after my hand landed. That had no thought to it. It was just pleasure and greed. 

Maybe being offered her virgin ass did have a particular erotic power to to it.

It suggested trust, and I’ve always found that to be an aphrodisiac. Anyway, it was time to stop thinking. I took one of my condoms, ripped the packet open with my teeth, and rolled the thing onto my cock.

There’s a little speech I usually make at that moment, about how I’d hate it if anything hurt her, apart from good hurts that don’t count, and I’d hate it even more if I hurt her. So she should tell me at once if anything didn’t feel good. And she can set the pace, as slow and gentle or hard and fast, as she felt comfortable with. Then I cover saying no, safewords, and a few related topics.

That’s what I usually say. But intuition can tell you odd things. This time I just smacked Qing’s little bottom again. She yelped, not displeased. The skin of her ass was warm, and more pink than golden now. I used the command voice to tell her to keep that ass up and get her knees further apart so I could fuck her. If she didn’t I’d spank her till she did as she was told. And anyway, I said, she had to remember what she’d told the room back at the party: she was here to be fucked.

This was more or less complete nonsense, but Qing nodded very seriously. She didn’t know about a world where submissive girls said “yes, sir” before they obeyed an order. And she wasn’t a submissive girl. But that nod and her expression told me she was playing in their territory, though I knew she wouldn’t stay there. She spread her knees as wide as they’d go, which brought her ass down a few inches closer to the bed. Buggering her in that position would be perfectly comfortable. For me, at least.

qing's bumI said, “perfect, girl.” When I smacked her again, I knew that she was waiting for it. I reached under her belly to squeeze the lips of her cunt. She’d already sucked her tummy in and spread just a little wider, to give me better access. Ah well, I thought. You know my methods, Qing: apply them.

I stroked her and found utterly, soppy wet to my touch. I want to roll her onto her back and kiss her cunt. Then fuck her. But that would distract both of us. It was, I thought for the fifth or more time, time.

So I growled, “Keep still,” so she had something to obey, and pressed my slippery left forefinger and index finger against the tight little bud of her asshole.