More stairs: 12-step programs

Stairs again, because I’m working. It’s interesting that in horror movies, the monster is waiting at the top of the stairs. But in bdsm erotica, women get spanked or caned downstairs, while upstairs is a safe-ish sanctuary for the comfort of masturbation or post-punishment consolation sex.  

spanked stairs

stairs gbs









The walk of shame after punishment, up the stairs to (probably) sanctuary. So many iterations of this idea.

stairs gbs 2

The damage is done. Now there's just the climb up to her bedroom, with lotions and cool sheets.

The damage is done. Now there’s just the climb up to her bedroom, longing for lotions and cool sheets.









See? Trouble happens at the bottom of stairs. It’s all business, headmaster’s offices, dungeons, studies with leather-topped desks, and kitchen tables down there.

No wonder these two girls ran into trouble…

I don’t know the photo-set this comes from, but it presumably involves a humiliating naked wait, then the caning or paddling, and finally being sent up to bed. 

Once they’re up those steps, everything will be fine. 


Finally, it’s a well-known fact that the shortest walk to the top of this building involves 1,665 steps. Gustave Eiffel really liked watching people climbing stairs.

eiffelA less well-known fact is that at the very top of the tower there’s a secret entrance that leads into a lavishly appointed bedroom for very fit perverts.

It’s called the Donjon Célestes (Aerial Dungeon). Instruments of pleasure and discomfort are supplied by an elderly lady who once hunted heretics for her Order, but now prefers more pleasant and temporary mortifications of the flesh.