Probation Officer #205: Endgames 14

Nothing important happened at work. 

In the morning I called Seth McGuinness, my new cop friend, and told him about the visit I’d had from Curnow last night. And I told him there was a rumour that Ana’s dad was in town. He asked me how I knew, and I said I couldn’t tell him.

There was a silence. He thought about reminding me that I wasn’t allowed to withhold information relevant to an investigation. I thought that I couldn’t deflect him by mentioning client confidentiality, because if I cited a client I’d have answered his question. But I could point out that if he wanted me to give him information then he shouldn’t give me a hard time for it.

So we thought these things and he said nothing and I said nothing. Seth made a remark about Jock being a high-functioning alcoholic, and I made one about Maynard lipsticking the gums of goats. And we hung up.