Reasons not to have sex, Part 3

She was deeply cute, blonde, petite, and dressed too neatly for the bar she was in. She’d been dumped by her boyfriend a week ago. She’d spent a lot of time that night attaching herself to a guy who’d come to the bar with his own group of workmates.

At one in the morning, he’d lost his courage and gone back to his friends. He left with them. He was an idiot and a coward, and I saw that his running away had hurt her. So I told her, with some sincerity, that he was the stupidest man I’d ever seen, and she’d suddenly become my armful, with one hand on my arse.

But I used my magic dom voice to order her to go home, and I packed her into a taxi. That was weird behaviour, for me.

But I’d had to give her her wallet, and her phone, which she’d left on the dance floor.

But she was on a girl’s night out, with women I worked with. And if she wasn’t happy to wake up with me, I’d have done my career serious damage.

But I was senior to her at work, though she wasn’t in my section.

But she wasn’t terribly old, or terribly experienced.

So when I packed her into that taxi, and took the cab number and driver’s ID and told him she’d get home safe or else (cab drivers raping drunk girls is an issue in my city), it was a no-brainer.

It was cool, statistically. I’d never met another woman who came with so many reasons for not having sex with her.

Bdsm in the workplace: a confession

Today’s a working day. 

I don’t have time to continue the Diane anecdote today.  

Here’s a much shorter story. It’s a confession.

I edited a magazine for a couple of years. A typesetter I hired in the second year kept doing the punchline from the Galahad sequence in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. That’s when all the castle virgins cry out: A spanking! A spanking! And after the spanking … the oral sex! Well, “After the spanking, the oral sex,” was pretty much her catchphrase.

Also, she was a terrible typist. Slow, and inaccurate. Anything she typed  I’d have to wait for, and when it came it’d be full of mistakes. A proof-reader’s nightmare.

Fate was trying to set me up with a strict boss/naughty secretary scenario. Dropping it in my lap, as it were. And … I never did a damn thing about it.