Humiliation of an ex-Nazi submissive 37

I let Raylene stay like that for a few moments, her feet wide apart, a couple of steps above me, lunged forward so her head and hands rested on four steps higher. I paused, letting her awareness of her position settle in.

“Lovely. Now focus on your cunt. I want you to arch your arse up even more. And push your cunt out, at me. You want to be fucked, don’t you?”

lungeRaylene said nothing, face crimson. She made a high noise that might have been a protest. I swung the razor strop and let it lick firmly across her upper thighs. “Ah! Yes!”

 I stepped to the side so she could see me and raised the strop again. “Yes what?”

 “Unh. Yes, sir!” She was having trouble talking.

I swung the strop again, landing on the soft skin of her underbum. It wasn’t all that hard. It didn’t need to be. “Now answer me properly. Do you want to be fucked?”

 “Oh! Ah, god yes sir, I want you to fuck me.”

 “Yeah. Now show me. Push your cunt at me. Hard as you can.”

I watched while Raylene arched her back tighter, presenting herself in utter, abject sexual need. But she was not yet completely helpless. I said, “Now take your hands away.”


 “You’re not allowed to support yourself. Take your hands away. Now.”

 “Ah! Sir.” This was even more difficult. Without her hands, Raylene’s whole weight rested on her forehead. And she could not get up.

“Good. Now clasp them together, behind your neck.”