Vampire girl #3

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“You tied me up.” 

“I tied your wrists. And I asked you if you wanted it. You wanted. Anyway, it wasn’t having your hands tied that upset you. It was not being able to bite me.”

“Yeah. I like your blood.”

“I’m sure my blood’s very nice. But I like it inside my skin. It’s tidier.”

“It’s a brilliant colour. Like passion. And it’s full of life.”

“Yeah, I can see all that. I can see how you’d like it. Though you like it … a little more than most people. But you still can’t bite me, Diane.”

Diane was on her knees facing me on the bed, naked, pouting, and bouncing a little. Her breasts bounced a lot. If she’d been a submissive, and consenting, I’d have spanked and fucked her then and there. Instead, she said, “What would you have done, if I’d asked you to untie me?”

“I’d have untied you.”

“Goodie! Then I should have thought of it.”

“But if you tried to bite me I’d have got dressed and gone home.”

“Um. Not good. No, I wouldn’t have wanted that.”

I shook my head in wonder. “You have a lot of lovers who don’t mind you biting them?”

“Actually, I don’t usually flash my legs at strangers and let them take me home in a taxi. I don’t have a lot of lovers.”

“Oh? Really? Oh. That’s quite flattering.”

“God, you’re clueless. But, yes, I’ve never known anyone make as much fuss as you.”

“It’s not fuss. I don’t let people bite me.”

“Oh, I see. You’re never the one who gets done to. So would you bite me?”


“No, I mean, to draw blood.”  

“No. No, sorry, I wouldn’t want to do that. No.” 

 “You’re no fun.” She was joking, but she was disappointed. 

“Wait a minute. You want to bleed, then? While you’re being fucked?” 

“Yes? Yes.” 

“Then put a shirt on. We’re going for a walk.” 


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