Bedroom Eyes 13

I’d woken up with Stephanie, who I hadn’t slept with before, and with Maires, my lover and, when we remembered, slavegirl. It had been a wonderful night, the three of us finding each other.

Stephanie had rolled out of bed to use the toilet and do other things she wanted to do. While she was away Maires and I had conferred.

We agreed that we both wanted Stephanie in our bed often or even permanently. And then Maires had said that when Stephanie came back, I should whip her: she meant I should whip Maires, while Stephanie watched.

I’d said, “What?”

“She’s thinking about what it might mean, to submit to you. Not just fuck you and get her bum spanked from time to time, but actually to be under your control. Rule.”

I said, like Cartman from South Park, “Autoritah.”

She shook her head, annoyed. “No, it’s not a joke. She means it, Master, and so should you. She liked obeying you. Surrendering turned her on. So did things like humiliation, when you made her crawl past all those people. On a leash.” She smiled: she’d have liked that too.

“She liked your hand on her arse. She liked knowing that she’s giving herself. Now she’d like to go further. So I’m saying, let her see something between us. Where your ownership of me is real, and has real consequences. You should punish me, while she watches.”

“What for? No, I know why you’re saying I should, but what for? I mean, seems you’ve been pretty good lately.”

She smiled. “Thank you, Master, I’m pleased you think so. But I didn’t go to my Medicinal Plant Chemistry lecture last week. I was playing Bioshock 2, and I forgot.”

“And when were you going to tell me?”

“I was going to tell you, I promise, Master. But now seems like a good time.”

A thing about penises, penes, is that they can be tired out, but still wake up when offered novelty. It wasn’t that there was any blood flow to my cock, but there was a sense of awareness, and that blood flow would probably happen if things continued the way they were. I pinched Maires’s nipple, hard, to watch her wince.

“All right. You’re a bad girl, and you deserve whipping. But you’re a lucky girl, because that’d look a bit scary. I’m not going to do that the first time Stephanie watches.” 

Stephanie, at the door, said, “While I watch what?”

I said, “Stephanie, come to bed, love. Maires, go and kneel in the corner, hands on head.”

Maires said, “Yes, Master.”

She got up, and Stephanie watched her walk naked across the door, and put her nose in the corner. It was an impressive demonstration of submission.

Stephanie looked at me doubtfully, but came to bed, and when I put my arms round her and kissed her, she pressed her body against mine and kissed me back. 

She said, “Is Maires in trouble? Am I?”

Bedroom Eyes 12

I woke up at a bit after five, with Maires sleeping on her side, her arse rammed into my left side, which is never a bad thing. Stephanie had slept with her head on my right shoulder, so that my arm was numb but I could also look at her hair and face.

I thought she looked astonishingly and dishevelledly beautiful, also loving and lovely, and unbelievably sweet. 

Still, I needed to piss and I didn’t want to wake them, so I had to manoeuvre carefully. I kissed Stephanie’s forehead and she made a small happy sound, though her eyes didn’t open. I stroked her back and made a yawn sound, so she stretched a little and turned onto her other side. I had two arses pressing against me.  I worked my way slowly up the bed between them, until I could crawl, Ninja-like, over the pillows.

While I pissed I thought about the evening’s events. My first priority was to make sure Stephanie was happy. Maires was already happy, and for uncomplicated reasons like liking and lust she wanted Stephanie to stay this morning and come back often. Stephanie had further to travel.

She’d done a lot of things she hadn’t done before. She’d crawled naked past strangers. She accepted orders, and light but real punishments when she hesitated. And she’d had sex with a woman, which was also sex with a man and a woman. Lesbian sex and threesomes were probably not things she’d expected to do. 

She had to accept what had happened last night without thinking she’d done wrong, and she had unfinished business, especially with me but also with Maires: what was she to us, and what were we to her?

Anyway, getting back into bed was much easier. Bodies like it when familiar bodies return. That’s warm and comforting. It’s bodies leaving that’s unsettling. Back between two wonderful women, I missed Stephanie’s face, so I yawned again so that she did too, and rolled back to put her head on my shoulder, her arm near my head. I drifted back to sleep.

Stephanie woke about nine. She raised her head, so I woke too. She looked at me, wondering what her reception might be, since she’d gone so far last night. Maybe I disapproved. So I kissed her and said, “Good morning, lovely Stephanie.”

“Good morning, Jaime. That was a night, wasn’t it?”

“Magic night. Stars in our eyes, pixie dust in our hair, love everywhere else.” I’d said that before, I’m afraid, but not to her. It was good enough. We kissed, and I pulled her on top of me, with my hands on her arse, and let her feel my cock noticing her.

“It was like that, wasn’t it?” So I realised how how worried I’d been, by the relief I felt when she said that. I knew she’d still need more love and assurance. I reached down and smacked her bottom lightly. She smiled. “You’re a kinky man, you.”

I said, as if I was quoting her: “‘Oooh, I’m not kinky: it’s just that my Master is.'”

She laughed, but said, “I’m not sure you’re my Master. I’m not certain I need one.”  

I nodded. “In love, my love, beautiful, wonderful Stephanie, it’s not always just what you need. It’s also what you want. I’m only your Master while you want me to be.”

“So you think you are, right now, and I’d have to fire you, if I wanted you not to be.”

I kissed her. That didn’t need an answer. Then I spider-walked my hand down her beautiful bottom and down between her thighs, to touch her cunt. 

She said, “Uh,” when I touched her. She was still sensitive. I stroked folded, sensitive skin. Then she said, “Hold that. I’m bursting for a piss. Sorry to break the mood. Be right back.” She rolled out of bed. Of course it was easy, for her.

Maires opened her eyes. She’d been awake for most of that, I guessed. She said, “Good morning, Master.”

“Slavegirl. You’re not often so formal. And good morning. Did you enjoy yourself?”

“Don’t be an idiot.” We heard the toilet door close. So we kissed. “I want her. I know you do.”

I nodded. “She didn’t object to the idea that you’re her Master unless she says otherwise. And she didn’t say otherwise.”

“Yeah. I can’t say how wonderful that was. If that’s what you want … ?”

“Yes. She’s lovely. I mean her, who she is. not just that she’s beautiful. And I think she found some things in herself last night. Big things. I’d love to help her through them.”

I smiled at her. “Don’t forget you’re wonderful. And you come first. No matter what.”

“Sweet boy. Master.” We heard the toilet flush. She said, “When she gets back, whip me.”

I said, “What?”


Bedroom Eyes 11

Three is a good number for a bed. When all the fucking is done and you’re warm and relaxed and tired, there’s lots of warmth and cuddles, and if you’re in the middle, as I was, there’s someone there, likely to smile at you, no matter which side you lie on. It does mean there’s no easy way of getting up to have a piss without waking at least one if your companions. But all that flesh and comfort and affection more than cancels out that problem. Anyway I was careful.

When you’re lucky enough to be the only man in a threesome and you’ve won the approval and affection of both your companions, you get to feel immensely, smugly happy. Though it’s wise not to let the smug show.  Later, maybe, if everyone’s being candid,

Maires likes both men and women, so she was blissfully happy, with two lovely, sexy people thinking the world of her.

Stephanie was happy but slightly less happy, because she’s about ninety per cent straight. Pleasuring and being pleasured by Maires had been fun, and sexually powerful, but it also crossed some barriers she’d previously had in her mind. She didn’t want to be a “lesbian”. She’d been brought up to disapprove of lesbian sex on religious grounds, and though she’d shed the religion, it still left traces. And, of course, there were things about the male shape, male energy, and I think our smell, that she liked a lot.

I saw Stephanie frown, lying on her side facing me, so I put my arms round her and pulled her close, crushing her breasts against my chest, then relaxing a little so she could breathe. My cock was out of service, and I expected it would remain so until morning, but I could make manly and appreciative growls in her ear. She smiled again.

She needed me to be there to make everything else possible. So I held her, kissed her and whispered that she was a good girl. She kissed be. That I thought she was a good girl was good news. I suppose her religion had never given her a prejudice against submission. In fact it had probably done the opposite. Anyway, she seemed pleased to be pretending to be at my command: so far that had been hot and then turned unexpectedly loving.

We lay quiet and still, cuddling, my leg over hers, and after a time she relaxed and her breathing slowed, open-mouthed. I waited till I was sure she was asleep and turned on my other side.

Maires was still awake. She reached down and held my limp cock, and I smiled regretfully and shrugged.

She whispered, “Dibs me first in the morning.” 

I said, “Some time in the morning.”

“Not first?”

“We have a guest.”

She grunted.

So we kissed instead, and I reached down and stroked her cunt. Maires turned on her back, her hand resting on mine, until she came. She usually makes a lot of vocal noise, but she took care to be discreet and not wake Stephanie.

Then she snuggled in and kissed my armpit, and we murmured love-words. I don’t know which of us fell asleep first.

Bedroom Eyes 10

Stephanie rocked back and forth on her knees, straddling Maires’s face while Maires, lying on her back, licked her cunt. I’d left them to this intimacy and retrieved my belt from the floor. 

I knew Stephanie was happy, but also that she was mostly straight: sexually, she liked male smells and energy, and sex with girls was easier if I was there too. (Maires wouldn’t have cared.) .

So I put my hand on Stephanie’s right cheek and turned her to face me, on her left. She smiled, pleased to remember I was there, and kissed me. 

I held the kiss till she grimaced: Maires had just done something very right. Then I whispered, “I’m going to warm your arse till you come, Stephanie.”

She nodded. She’d had a certain amount of hand spanking that evening, especially when we were in the playground together. She’d enjoyed that, and crawling naked to my room with her arse glowing pink and no doubt warm, past the remaining party-goers: that had been hot too, and had put her in a nicely submissive frame of mind. It helped that she liked showing off, and that made that moment psychologically easier. So just then a warmed arse sounded good.

I said, “With my belt. It’s time you moved up in the world.”

Stephanie still smiled, but Mairtes was licking her hard, long and slow just then. I don’t think I had her full attention. So I brought the belt up to her face where she could see it. “Kiss the belt, beautiful Stephanie. And if you do that means we can both do whatever we like with you, all the way through till morning.”

She raised her eyebrows. She’d heard that part. But speaking was hard just then. I held the belt a couple of centimetres from her mouth. She had to move to kiss it. She glanced at me quickly, and whatever she saw in my face – probably admiration of several kinds – decided her. She bent her neck and slowly, almost ceremonially, kissed my belt.

I said, “Good girl.” Because a Dom is always happy to say that. But I added, “Look, you should know: I think I’m falling a bit in love, Stephanie. Massive lust, obviously, but love, too.”

She grinned. None of us had talked about what that might mean, and none of us, least of all Stephanie, were in a state to talk just then, but that sounded OK with her. So I doubled the belt and the next time her hips swung back in response to Maires’s tongue, I smacked her.

That first smack caught her low across her arse. It wasn’t at all hard, and left no mark except a faint blush with no outline. But Stephanie’s eye widened and she pursed her lips to say, “Uh!”

I kissed her again, and she kissed back. We shared breath and tongues, and sometimes our teeth touched lightly. I whipped down the belt to meet her ass every time she swung her hips back. She had two mouths and an implement of discipline to deal with. Sensory overload didn’t seem to trouble her.

I increased the force of her belt spanking, so the room rang with the impacts. The force of impact increased slowly but steadily, until she’d have to notice that she was now being whipped tolerably hard.

Stephanie said, “Oh wo wo wo.” Being whipped quite hard seemed to be good too.

Her body tensed, muscles showing, and she ground her cunt mercilessly on Maires’s mouth. The time for worrying about whether Maires could breathe had passed.

I swung the belt again, and said, “Until you come, Stephanie.” I moved from her side to be in front of her so she could see me and hang on. Her hands gripped my sides, under my arms, with all her strength. She looked agonised, not by the belt. I swung my belt again, vertically down her ass, landing hard to curl down one side then the other, no longer in time with her movements. 

Her nails pressed into me, and raked down my sides. I thought I’d probably just lost skin. (I had, and some blood, but I didn’t know that till later.) Stephanie threw her head back and said, “Mer – mer – mer – mer -” then she shut her eyes and just yowled. She felt forward, and I caught her. 

I held a girl who wasn’t doing a lot to support herself, and kissed her neck and shoulder. At last she said, “Fuck. Jesus fuck. Fuck. Whoa.”

It wasn’t full of content, but it was the first thing she’d said in nearly half an hour. Maires, between Stephanie’s thighs, moved her head sideways so she could say, “You can say that again.” 

I answered, because doms are simple creatures, “Good girl. Good girls, beyond belief. Both of you.”

Bedroom Eyes 9

Maires lay on her back looking up at Stephanie, who straddled her waist. “Stephanie, my sweetlove, move up a bit so Maires can get at your cunt. With her face. Get your ass nice and comfortable.”

Stephanie considered that. It was a good order, as orders go.  She said, for the first time, “Yes, sir.”

She was trying it out, to see how it felt to say it. But hearing from her it was powerful magic.

Sincere or not, I felt that “sir” right through my body. I took her hand and put it on my cock.

She squeezed. “Oh! It’s not quite dead!”

“You have some control on what it does. Say, ‘sir’ again.”

Stephanie looked at me, eyes unnaturally wide, then dropped her gaze submissively. She breathed, “Oh, yes, sir.”

I knew she was taking the piss, but that didn’t seem to matter. She tightened her grip on my cock, which answered her. “Oh my god, it’s not dead at all. Just like ET! Sir. Hmm. Sir!”

I kissed her. “You can play all the games you like. But the truth is, you already half mean it, Stephanie.”

She looked away for a second. “You might be right. Sir.” 

I tried hard not to look smug. Really I did. “Now, I gave you an order. It’s an order that gets your cunt licked. So…”

“Yes! Sir!”

She scrambled forward, still straddling Maires, and moved up a little so her cunt approached the waiting Maires’s face, then lowered her body slowly until a little gasp told me she’d made contact with Maires’s tongue. I imagined Maires smiling, buried as she was in beautiful woman, tongue working hard to pleasure her new sister.

Stephanie trembled slightly as Maires licked up at her cunt. This was completely new for her, and it was clearly wonderful.

Her ass was sweetly poised, in one of the classic spank-me positions. It trembled a little, too. 

That ass seemed intensely inviting to me, even if Stephanie had probably forgotten, for the moment, that I existed.

But there was her gorgeous arse, jiggling up and down in response to Maire’s tongue. There were no more wordgames, now: I was simply hard.

Yes, I decided, this was a very good time to introduce something else new. New for Stephanie, at least. I rolled off the bed onto the floor, and took the belt from my jeans.


Bedroom Eyes 8

I lay on Stephanie’s back, cock slowly softening inside her. Even though I’d reach under her to hold her breasts, cupping, squeezing and pinching her nipples, not too hard. Even though fucking Stephanie was something I’d wanted to do, feeling that want in my cock, in my gut and, oddly, in the back of my neck, for eight years. 

I kissed her shoulder and then her neck, and she waggled her arse under me. That was welcome too, but I was spent. My cock wouldn’t be doing much for at least half an hour. I said, “Scuse me a sec. Sorry.” And I wthdrew from her while I was still hard enough to be sure the condom would stay with my cock.

I dropped the condom out of sight under the bed and rolled onto my side, so Stephanie and I lay facing each other, our heads each resting on one of Maires’s thighs. Maires reached down and stroked our hair, and we kissed. Stephanie put her hand on my soft, wet cock. “You’re all fucked out. I’ve drained you.” 

There was an odd mix of pride and disappointment in her expression. For no good reason except that I was enthusiastic about her arse, I smacked it, first lightly, then hard, a proper spank.

“Oh, I’ll probably be back in a bit. And in the meantime… tongues on men are like strap-ons on women. They never get exhausted.” 

“Jesus, Jaime,” Maires said. “That’s absolutely fucking Wildean.” 

So this time I smacked the outer side of Maire’s thigh, twice. That, for some reason, helped me work out what we should do next. “Come down the bed, Maires. Right down, so your feet can touch the floor. No, on your back.” 

Stephanie rolled onto her back, to give Maires room, and watch her. I said, “Good girl. Now stop there.”

“Yes, Sir.” Maires usually didn’t acknowledge orders she was already obeying. But she wanted to show off her status to Stephanie. And to suggest that it could be fun. She liked games, the fun kind, and she played them well.

I kissed her, and took a pillow. “I’m going to put this under your shoulders. Up a bit for a moment, girl.”

“Yes, Sir.” Maires smiled at Stephanie. Then she looked back at me and frowned: what in fuck was I up to?

I got the pillow into place. “Now drop your head back. You’re an accessory.”

She looked at me, still frowning, before obeying. “After the fact?”

“You, love, you’re a cunt-licking accessory.”

“Ah. Stephanie is lovely. You don’t mind me saying that, do you?”

Stephanie kissed her, which is answer enough. Maires said, to me, “A very, um, willing cunt-licker, sir.”

I said, “Willing. Not that it matters.”

I took Stephanie’s hand. She’d been watching us, fascinated. She’d blushed, just lightly, when I called Maires a cunt-licking accessory: that was rude. No one talks to a woman like that, she’d have said two hours ago, and yet it was hot.

We were animals now, fiery like Blake’s tiger, in the night. And the cunt in question, the one that needed to be licked, was hers. 


Bedroom Eyes 7

I‘d told Stephanie that I’d fuck her again when, and possibly if, she could make Maires moan. Since I wanted her very much, I was intending to interpret any sexual comfort noises that Maires might make as moans. But Maires had a strong mischievous streak, and I expected that she’d be silent for a while, making Stephanie work and keeping me from entering her.

I knew that Stephanie minded my cock not being in her, which was in itself a powerfully sexy consideration. She was on her knees, her ass up and her head down between Maires’s thighs, mouth and tongue on Maires’s cunt, her hands under Maires’s thighs. Maires wriggled under Stephanie, to give her better access. She let her hands rest lightly on Stephanie’s head, caressing rather than directing. 

I watched them, two beautiful women, both of whom I loved in different ways, in loving embrace. Stephanie was having a new experience. I wondered how she was feeling, but as far as I could tell she was pixified, enchanted, happy to find herself exploring Maires’s cunt and her own responses.

I was still dangerously close to coming. When I entered Stephanie, I hoped to last at least until Maires came. But just then simply entering the soft paradise of her cunt again, feeling her ass pressed against me, would bring me to release.

I tried to relax, and despite the sensual wonder of their mutually moving bodies, I thought for a moment about all the species of dog I could name, that began with the letter L: labrador, lowchen, wasn’t there a Lhasa something?

But Maires grunted, a pleasured sound, and then made a low groan through her nose. I said, “Labradoodle,” which fortunately they ignored, and positioned myself behind Stephanie, holding her hips.

We moved together, in time with the rhythm of Stephanie’s head between Maires’s thighs, slowly joining.

Then Stephanie gasped, like Maires had, as I pushed deeper into her, sometimes withdrawing a little then moving forward, skin sliding wetly along sensitive skin.   

I wanted to praise them both, for being beautiful, and good and loving, but just then I couldn’t do words. Maires made another pleasure noise, under Stephanie’s mouth, and I sped up, fucking Stephanie harder, faster. I knew that sound, though Stephanie hadn’t heard it before. Maires was close.

Maires lifted her knees then, thighs tightly clasping Stephanie’s head. Her hands that had rested on the back of Stephanie’s head clenched, seizing her by the hair, and pulling. Her body worked, pushing up at Stephanie’s face. Her eyes squeezed shut, and her mouth opened, a silent scream, and then her ass rose from the bed while she clawed at Stephanie’s back and growled.

Lioness, I thought. My love is like a lioness. And I leaned down to kiss the back of Stephanie’s neck, reached under her to hold her breasts, and came in her. Also growling.

Stephanie laughed, triumphant, having made us both come. But, I noted, she hadn’t come herself.

We two growling animals would have to pleasure her, next. Stephanie had fallen amongst the burning beasts.


Bedroom Eyes 6

Seconds later Maires yowled her own cry, and I felt her cunt seem to clutch at my cock. There was a series of fluttering contractions, and I gasped with the pleasure of it, which was almost too intense to bear. I said, “Ahhhh, uh,” while Maires screamed.

I reached under her and squeezed her breasts, with my thumbs and forefingers squeezing and hurting her nipples, and rode her ass hard, and fast, until she screamed again. 

There seemed to be finality in that second orgasm. Maires had no more left, for a while. So I slowed, growling like a bear, and then stopped.

Maires rested her head on Stephanie’s right thigh. Her hair was wet. 

“Two happy girls. I think this is the best thing there is.” That was inane. Neither Stephanie nor Maires answered. It was true, though.

I’d held off my own orgasm when Maires came because I’d already come in Stephanie’s mouth, when we were in the playground across the road, and that gave me the control to hold myself back. I wanted my next orgasm to be… later.

This has never seemed like a bad idea

I could come in Stephanie’s mouth again. Or in Maires’s. Or both. Maybe I just wanted to fuck Stephanie again. Or both of them. The next time I came, it would take a while to recover. And this was no time for down time. Still, I thought, maybe I could lie on my back, while Stephanie sat on my cock, riding happily, and Maires was on my face where I could tongue her.

On the other hand, maybe the next person to do Maires with their mouth should be Stephanie. Anyway, there was no such thing as a bad choice.

Still undecided, I smacked Maires’s arse again. “Keep very still.”

Maires froze obediently, and I pulled out of her cunt, very slowly. And very carefully; it would take very little to make me come, just then. I rolled Maires over onto her side, and we kissed. Then, without needing to speak, we both moved up the bed, where Stephanie held out her arms, welcoming both of us.

We kissed, the three of us, the two women side by side like the base of a triangle. I was the apex, above them, my cock comfortably held between their hips. Stephanie kissed Maires, and looked at her. Some understanding passed between them, though I didn’t know what it was.

But Stephanie put her hand on my cock. She squeezed, and I gasped again: her cock-puppet. Then she opened her legs again. “You said you’d be in me, once I got onto the bed.”

“Oh. I did, didn’t I?” I slipped my cock between Stephanie’s thighs, the head just touching her cunt. It was a good promise, and I wanted to keep it. But I didn’t push forward. Not yet. Stephanie gazed up at me, puzzled. What was keeping me? 

I said, “Maires? When was the last time Stephanie licked you?”

Maires grinned, while Stephanie looked briefly apprehensive. The answer was ‘never’. I’d be willing to bet that Stephanie had never used any part of her body to pleasure another girl in her life. I kissed Stephanie, then. “Maires just made you come. Do you think you can return the favour?”

“I’ll try.” Then Stephanie looked across at Maires. “Maires, if I’m doing it wrong, please tell me. And tell me what to do. I’m not very – Well, I’m not even slightly experienced.”

Maires hugged her, one hand on her breast, her cunt pressed firmly against Stephanie’s hip. “The only thing you can do wrong, darling, is not enjoy yourself.”

Stephanie’s experience of my belt was still hypothetical. But all three of us knew that that experience would happen. Though we didn’t know when.

I said, because it seemed time to reclaim one particular kind of erotic tension, “Or not try hard enough. You’ll show enthusiasm, Stephanie.”

Stephanie grinned and squeezed my cock again. She weren’t afraid of no doms. So I put growl back into my voice. “My belt is on the floor, at the moment. And you haven’t felt it across your arse, yet. Both of those things can change, girl.”

Stephanie only stroked my cock. But Maires knew what was happening. She said, “Sir, I think she does need the belt. And I really want to watch while she gets it.”

Stephanie raised her eyebrows at that, but I could feel her mood changing back. I was in command again. I said, “Onto your back, Maires. And Stephanie, onto your knees. You know what to do.”

Same as before (but the women have swapped positions)

Maires rolled out from under me, and held out her arms for Stephanie. She wanted her. I thought Stephanie would like the new experience, and feel proud of herself when Maires came. But Stephanie didn’t move. She said, “What about you?”

“The first time we hear Maires moan, you’ll get my cock back. Where it belongs, beautiful woman.”

So Stephanie rolled onto her tummy, head between Maires’s thighs. Slowly, spectacularly and to a certain extent knowingly, her ass rose.



Bedroom Eyes 5

Maires and I licked and nibbled our way down Stephanie’s thighs, she writhing slowly and smelling beautifully, headily, aroused. Eventually, when Stephanie would expect at least one tongue to touch her glorious, shiny centre, I stopped and kissed Maires.

Mouth to horizontal mouth, while Stephanie’s vertical mouth leaked, and she tried to move down the bed so her cunt could press against our faces.

I smacked her leg, and said, “Stephanie, you keep still!” She’d got used to taking commands. She stopped, making piteous, disappointed sounds.

After a while, Maires stopped kissing me. She looked at me, eyebrows up, and I nodded. Maires turned her head, and pressed forward, delicately, her mouth softly touching Stephanie’s cunt. Stephanie said, “Hooo”. 

Then Maires licked, firmly upwards, touching and tongue-bathing Stephanie’s clitoris. Stephanie’s whole body clenched, and she was silent, legs apart, abandoned, waiting for whatever we might make happen to her. 

I slid, snakelike, up the bed while Maires was busy with Stephanie’s sweet centre. I kissed her, and she opened her eyes. We smiled at each other. I said, “I’ll be fucking Maires next.” 

Stephanie nodded solemnly. A host had his responsibilities, and she knew that it was Maires’s turn. She sighed, in response to something Maires was doing, then touched my face.

She pulled me down to kiss her again. She opened her mouth, so we explored each other like horny adolescents, lips and tongues and teeth. 

For a long time Stephanie was the centre of our tiny world, on my bed, having her cunt pleasured and kissing the man who’d just – finally, after too many years – fucked her. I added, “but when I’m fucking Maires, I promise you’ll still feel me.” 

I know; that sounds egotistical. But we all live in a culture, and because of that culture Maires could lick Stephanie’s cunt because I was there. If I wasn’t present Stephanie wouldn’t allow that.

My male presence, and I guess things about her and me specifically, made it possible for Stephanie to accept my girl’s tongue on her cunt, that female to female pressure. But Stephanie was having a threesome with a man, for the time being her man, and not having lesbian sex. From her point of view.     

I whispered, “Maires likes it if you hold her hair while she’s doing you.” And kissed her again. And a few seconds Maires made a lust noise; she was having her hair pulled, and she was serving. 

I kissed Stephanie goodbye for the time being. Maires was on her knees, her head down deep between Stephanie’s thighs. Her position was close to the one I’d enforced on Stephanie on the carpet. I clambered back until my knees were between Maires’s. I held her hips, Maires’s head still bobbing and bopping energetically, one of Stephanie’s hands in her hair.

My cock pressed forward, between her buttocks. The head touched Maires’s cunt. She was distracted, with her own duties, but she said, “Yer, ye.” I pushed forward. She said, “Ah fuck!” as I entered her. She lost her rhythm, for a few seconds.

I saw Stephanie dig her nails into Maires’s shoulders. Blood was going to be spilled, and soon. I pushed forward, into Maires in one thrust, tightly held in the most perfect world there is, wet, warm, and needing more of me. I smacked Maires’s arse, which I possessed utterly and without reservation from either of us.

I said, “I’m fucking you. You’re doing Stephanie. So, follow me.”  

Maires made a sound that wasn’t a protest. It was acquiescence mixed with the knowledge that she shouldn’t take that sort of order. But she liked being given orders, and obeying, as Stephanie did. I wondered which of them would get to surrender to the other. And I pressed forward, and back, in Maires’s clasping wet cunt, riding her high and slowly. 

Bedroom Eyes 4

Stephanie and I had just fucked fairly vigorously on the carpet. I’d picked Stephanie up, carrying her in my arms, to my bed. But Maires, my girlfriend, had just had sex, or something of the kind, with a man with half his face painted red and a wooden toucan on his shoulder. Who, I’m afraid, doesn’t appear again in this story, although he did seem to be fascinating to women. Maires had come into our room and congratulated us, which in practice meant mainly Stephanie, on the beauty of our orgasm noises. 

Stephanie remembered that she’d agreed with me that Maires could join us when she, Maires, was ready. But now she was embarrassed. So Maires had asked her personally for her permission to join us. 

Stephanie looked up at me. I smiled at her, then had to clear my throat. “You don’t have to agree to anything you don’t want. I mentioned that it gets incredibly cuddly, if you have both me and Maires here. But all the options are good, whatever you decide.” 

Stephanie’s “ernnnn” was a growl. Maires looked disappointed, and was ready to leave, but I recognised it: it was the sound my mom made, when she was about to agree to something but wanted me to know it was a big concession on her part. So I lifted her a little and kissed her. 

Stephanie laughed, with the absurdity and promise of the moment, and Maires finally relaxed.

“All right,” Stephanie said. “You two fucking weirdos. Do your worst.”

I lowered Stephanie to the bed. She put her hands over her breasts and clamped her legs together. I figured she was joking. I said, “I promise it’ll be a good worst. Maires, I think you’re overdressed.” 

Stephanie slowly spread her legs, which had a hypnotic effect on me. Then she raised her knees, still spread, and pointed her toes at the ceiling. Maires said, “Holy fuck. Fuck, Stephanie. That’s fucking…”

Then she shut up, and pulled her shirt over her head, and dropped it on the floor, then dropped her jeans to join the shirt. 

I joined Stephanie, with my cock poking at her hip, and smacked her bottom. She dropped her legs to the bed and looked at me, trying to be indignant. I kissed her left, nearer knee, which was red and rough and painfully abraded by our carpet fuck. “These need treatment. Maires, go and get anti-septic cream.” 

Maires hesitated. She was supposed to do as she was told when we were together. But it was the first time I’d given her a direct order in front of someone else. On the other hand, I’d just smacked Stephanie’s bottom in front of her. So she decided there were the rules, and anyway they were likely to be fun. She said, “Sir, then.” And she left for the bathroom, naked as she was.

Stephanie grinned at me. “You’re a bad man. Someone should spank you.” 

I kissed her. “It just doesn’t work like that. Life is unfair. And do you think I’m going to spank you, even for suggesting that?” 

Stephanie rolled over, poked her arse up, and wiggled. “Go on, then.”

I felt the invitation, and the urge to act on it.

But instead I kissed her bottom, and then her thighs. Stephanie sighed, and spread her thighs wider. I said, “All in good time. Now roll over, girl. On your back, knees up.”

Maires arrived then with Savlon and gauze. She climbed on the bed too, on Stephanie’s right side, and kissed her knee. “Poor little limb. Injured in the cause of love.”

She took two pieces of gauze, squeezed out a dollop of Savlon onto each, and handed me one of the gauze pieces.

I dabbed at Stephanie’s left knee, while Maires cooed and did the same on her side. She leaned down and kissed Stephanie’s inner thigh. So I did the same.

“Obviously,” I said to Stephanie, “we intend to offer the total burns recovery care package.” It was an incredibly lame thing to say, but I hoped she wasn’t in a critical mood. Anyway, it did give her information.

Stephanie let her head sink back onto the pillow. She didn’t need to watch us any more. After we’d cleaned her knees, and soothed them as best we could, we gave our attention to Stephanie’s inner thighs, mouthing, tonguing and occasionally biting her flesh, working our way, very, very slowly closer to her cunt.

Stephanie made a sound that was half sigh and half grunt. She was enjoying our worst. Maires bit very lightly on the inner side of Stephanie’s thigh. Maires looked over at me. Her eyes were bright. “Meet you in the middle.”