Wicked Wednesday: Droit de Seigneur 33

Yvain lay face-down on the Seigneur’s bed, his weight half on her back. They’d just fucked for the third time that day, and this time he’d taken her from behind. They’d started  in doggy fashion but subsided to prone as Yvain slowly sank under his battering weight. 

She could feel his cock softening inside her, slowly contracting but not yet withdrawn. His breathing was soft and slow. He would fall asleep soon. Yvain decided to tae Gizela’s advice. She said, “I love you, my Seigneur.” 

“Wha – ? Oh.” he was startled into wakefulness. He said, “I love you too, little piglet. My slave.” 

“Do you love Gizela too?”

Now he sounded wary. “Of course I do. But in a very different way from the love I have for you. She is a sweet girl.” 

Gizela, sitting naked on the bed beside them, said, “Thank you, Master. I do believe I love you both.”

The Master rolled his body off Yvain’s back and smacked her bottom, hard. “But you are my partner, little Yvain. That is a very different thing. But,” he frowned, “you are up to something. Why did you ask if I loved Gizela?” He leaned over and kissed Gizela’s left breast. Gizela looked hard into Yvain’s eyes.

“Because, my Master and my love, you’ve put me in charge of Gizela, and that includes keeping her disciplined. She has already been insolent with me in a way that I feel I cannot deal with just with my hand. I would cane her for it, if I had your permission.”

She saw him frown, and she spoke quickly. “No, my Master, I am not asking for permission to use the cane. That must be exclusively left for you, to deal with either of us, or both of us.”

“That is wise. You would not get that permission. But if you had asked for that, you would feel the cane yourself.”

“I know, my love, and I would know you were right, now matter how hard and how long you applied it. Not that my opinion has any bearing.”

Now he smiled. “Good save.”

“But, my love, I don’t want to have to send her to you every time she needs more than a hand spanking. I am seeking your consent, my Master, my Seigneur and my love, to use a hairbrush on her bottom, when she deserves more serious discipline. From me.” 

“Hmm. I suppose you think she deserves the hairbrush right now?”

“Yes, mt Seigneur. She was … insolent when she was preparing me for you. I would like to deal with that.” 

The Seigneur nodded. “And you, Gizela, I don’t have to ask you if you’d like that?” 

Gizela leaned down to kiss her Master’s penis. Then, because it was coated in the fluids of her Mistress’s cunt, she licked it. The Seigneur allowed Gizela to tongue-bathe him, watching Yvain watch them both. Then Gizela sat up again. “You know I would, Master.” 

The Seigneur was still watching Yvain. She waited for his word, wondering why she felt a little frightened. 

At last he said, “Very well. You will show me that you can use a hairbrush to good effect. If you do, then I may allow you to continue to resort to the hairbrush when you feel it’s called for. If you do not satisfy me that you can use the implement well, then I will call the Beldam in to flog you both severely.” He smiled. “For plotting behind my back, among other things.” 

“Thank you, my Seigneur.” Yvain also leaned forward and down to kiss her Seigneur’s cock, When she licked him he was still soft but she felt, as if it came from a long way away,  some sign of renewed life. When she rose, smiling, she looked at Gizela.

She astonished the woman by slapping her, though lightly, across the face. Gizela’s mouth dropped open, her eyes wide. “Gizela, little slut, fetch me the hairbrush.”

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