Product Review: The Pulse Duo

Product review: The Pulse Duo, by Hot Octopuss. 

Price: A$189.00, plus shipping

This a remarkable toy in its design and use. Essentially it’s a kind of vibrator that’s useful for male and female solo sex, and is also designed for use by couples. 

This review is based on tests with male use, female use and couple use. 



The Pulse is a silicon toy, with that combines two vibrators, an outer one for female use, and an inner surface, with wings to surround the penis, for male use. 

It has six vibration settings:

1 Steady vibration

2 Slow pulses

3 Faster pulsing

4 Very fast pulsing

5 Three fast pulses and then one long pulse

6. Light “heartbeat” pulses


User reports

First trial: Male use

I’m new to masturbation toys for men, so this is a slightly naive report. But I have to say I’m impressed. The penis, whether hard, semi-erect or soft, goes into the valley formed by the toy’s inner surface and its wings.

I experimented with the six pulse/vibration speeds, and personally came to prefer setting 5, three fast pulses followed by one long pulse. You can choose another option, according to your preferences, which is part of the beauty of it.

The first time I used it I used lubricant (water-based, otherwise you will mar the surface). But I found on later trials that lubrication actually isn’t needed. It fits and slides along the shaft of the penis quite smoothly without lube.  

I can report that it’s very easy to use, it feels great and it works! An A from me!

Second trial: Female use

My brave volunteer says: 

“For women, the business edge of this toy is the bulgy bit, at the other side of the winged part meant for men. You can hold it easily, and press it against bits of your body that are a bit … concave. 

So I did, and it definitely feels good. One advantage women have with this toys the separate, supplied button that lets you select your pulse rate, for the surface you’re working with (or, if you like, that’s working on you), with a remote control button.

So you can vary your speed as you go, for example working up from the gentlest to its rumbliest settings. 

One thing I found is that it lasts half an hour, starting from fully charged, at the rumblier settings. It doesn’t slow down gently; it just suddenly stops. For me, I timed it twice and it stopped at 31 minutes. Be aware of that if you really like to take your time. 

But it really is a good, strong growly, rumbly toy. I don’t mean it’s noisy. It can’t be heard through a door (I tested). Rumbly and growly is what it feels like. 

I give it an A.”

Couple use

The male and female testers have played with the toy, and each has their favoured vibration speed and style. The next step is couple use. 

Essentially I put the Pulse on my cock, and pressed against my partner and co-tester so the outer edge pressed against her labia. 

We found that it works best if you don’t move about much. It’s easy for it to lose its place pressing against the vulva if you get energetic. So it’s a toy for intense concentration and lots of eye contact while only moving the hips slowly, and not from side to side.

For that it works very well, and that’s a good thing. Being stimulated strongly without moving, which is an unusual and good sensation.

I found that it has a psychological effect: you tend to focus on the other person. The stillness has its power. 

Neither of us came, using it together, but it is (I think) more of a foreplay kind of toy when used in a twosome.

After the half-hour cut-off point, you can set the toy aside, go on and do penetration or whatever you want, and go for it.  

We gave it an A-, docking it just half a notch for the difficulty keeping it in place during pre-intercourse. But that’s a minor quibble.

It’s an interesting toy that feels great, and allows you to be strongly stimulated while staying relatively still. Pressing together, eye to eye, while it moves both of you, is just a luxurious sensation.

Summing up

It’s a great couples toy. As a solo-use toy it’s probably better for men than for women, though it works for both. It takes just a little getting used to, but then it delivers.

Overall grade: A!

In the realm of the Sensei 2

Seamus continued until Asuka was well lubricated and anyway better relaxed, so he could slide two fingers, then three, easily inside her. He said, “This may hurt you a bit. Like the very first time you fucked, perhaps. That sort of pain doesn’t matter; it’ll get better. But if it really hurts, too much, you’re to tell me at once. Is that understood, Asuka?”

“Hai, sensei.” He was sensei again. He supposed it was sexier, to be buggered by your sensei. He assumed this was a virginity for Asuka, about to fall to the lightest, slightest siege possible. He put a condom on, and put the head of his cock against that little dilated orifice, and then, holding her hips tightly, pushed forward.

Asuka hissed again, and said, “Oh!” Then her rectal muscle suddenly gave way and let him in. “Oh.” She breathed slowly, getting used to this intrusion, while Seamus trembled, holding himself just inside her, her muscle just admitting him. At last she said, “Aaah. Yes. But slowly. Please, sensei.”

Seamus smacked her with his right hand, so she could feel she was still being disciplined, and pushed further forward. He took her slowly, feeling that virgin muscle clasp him tight, letting her pause and get used to him each time he made progress. He’d wait until she was again breathing normally before he’d move to take more.

At last they closed with each other, until he was fully in her, belly pressed to her buttocks, cock fully lodged inside her. They stayed together, perfectly still, for a long time.

Eventually it was Asuka who moved, just a very little, and he held himself still while she began to fuck him, in millimeters, then centimeters, always slowly. At last he couldn’t stop himself and moved forward into her as she pressed back at him. She exhaled savagely in response and they fucked hard and fast, forgetting about care or pain.

Seamus could feel his orgasm building until, as orgasms will, it suddenly became urgent. He stopped still, and Asuka swore at him. But in a few seconds he had himself under enough control so he could move again without instantly coming, so long as he moved slowly. That turned out to be good, from Asuka’s point of view.

She began making little noises as he took her, squeaks and little gibbers that he knew as her pre-orgasm cries, her head shaking. So he continued, just a little faster, but pressing as deep in her as he could go, and tightening his grip on her hips so that, he hoped, it hurt her.

Her little sounds rose in pitch and stopped being little, and Emiko came, wailing and loud. Seamus thought he should really try for more, for her, but he had his own urgencies and his own orgasm was just seconds after hers. Time passed, or stopped, he wasn’t sure which.

The Ojastara Tales: The Landgrave 3

Ojastara followed the Landgrave into what turned out to be a pleasant pavilion, with a small fountain, many-coloured drapes and tapestries, some erotic in nature while others showed hunting scenes. A mosaic on the floor showed a human woman atop a unicorn. The unicorn lay on its back and the woman rode its phallus, riding crop in her right hand, showing every sign of enjoyment.

There were couches, love seats that swung from a frame, and indeed, as the Landgrave had promised, a bed. The Landgrave gestured at the bed. “Get on the bed. I want you on all fours, hands and knees. Your ass up. The position you assume to receive discipline and give pleasure.”

Ojastara turned to look at him. “But I’m sure you command this every time. And the women who are your subjects obey you. But I am not your subject, or anyone’s.”

She saw him looking angry at that, and she continued, “And you are generously offering to do all the work, while I am merely passive. There are pleasures in being passive. I enjoyed them while you spanked me. But here we are: no one is watching. Why not experience that pleasure for yourself?”

She stepped towards him, stroked his testes again and then made a ring of her thumb and forefinger, and ran it up his cock.

In response to her touch it went from semi-hard to full attention. She said, “Good cock,” as you might speak to a child, or a dog, and stroked at it more while he gasped.

The Landgrave trembled, overcome with sensation, and she pushed him slowly back towards the bed. When his calf muscles backed against the bed she blew suddenly, while also pressing her hand against his bollocks, and he toppled, onto his back, his erect penis now the highest part of his body.

Ojastara took the riding crop from his hand.  

Sinful Sunday: Castle Architecture















The castle is medieval; the computer is current; the woman is timeless. Three ages collide, and make something new and beautiful.

When curved granite and curved flesh are in the same image, of course it’s the human, and especially the erotic, that holds our attention. And thank fuck for that, say I.

The lovely Zoë s the model. 


In the Realm of the Sensei 1

(A thing from a Work in Progress. I should say that many of my stories start as autobiography, before having details changed to protect the depraved. But in this story, Seamus isn’t me. He’s a guy I used to know.) 

Then, naked except for her socks, Asuka walked carefully to the door to collect her sandals, and put them on, while he admired the movements of her cane-striped bottom. She shuffled to the kitchen and took a shovel and broom from the cupboard under the sink. 

Seamus sat and watched his well striped girl, pretending to read Sei Shonagon while she picked up the pieces of plate.At last she’d swept all the shards and dust onto the shovel and then the kitchen bin. When the kitchen was tidy again, if lacking in crockery, she stood and looked at him, questioning.

“That looks … acceptable. Oh, and bring me the peanut oil.”

Asuka looked puzzled, but she’d accepted that if she was being punished and if her man wanted to cover her in peanut oil, then that was what would be.

She lifted the little bottle from the cupboard, and came back to Seamus, holding the oil in both hands in front of her.

He took it from her gravely. “Now, Asuka, I’m not finished with you. Turn round and bend over again.”

“”Yes, sir.” She wiggled as much as she dared, once she had her back to him, since she was confident that he admired her ass. Then she bent over, and touched her toes as she’d been while he’d caned her.

“Good girl. Feet apart a little more, Asuka.” She shuffled obediently. But he smacked the inside of her right thigh and said, “Further.”

She obeyed, less puzzled. But she made an interrogative noise when he lubricated his forefinger and pressed against her little asshole. Then there was realization, and she said something like, “Whoo.” In wonder.

Seamus pressed his forefinger into her, to the first knuckle, then less slowly to the second. He twisted his finger inside her tight, clinging orifice, and then withdrew, to put more lubricant on his finger.

Asuka held herself very still. Her face, upside down between her knees, was wide-eyed, mouth open. He smiled at her, and smacked her left buttock, then her right, with his hand, and then lubricated two fingers.