Wicked Wednesday: A Glass of Water

I’d just told Claire that she would be naked whenever she was in my house. Claire nodded, wide-eyed. I smacked her cane-welted bottom hard enough to make her yelp, though she didn’t let the cane fall from her mouth. “Sio, you’ve got four more  cane strokes coming now, Claire. Making six, so far. Don’t you think you should acknowledge orders?”

“Oh god, I’m sorry. Yes, sir, of course I do.”

I gave her the robe to carry, and said, “Follow me.” I took her to the door that led into the living room. She looked around, still wide-eyed. It was a comfortable room, the furnishings and paintings old-fashioned, and not, apparently, having any sexual or disciplinary purpose. Two leather armchairs, with rolled arms, faced the fireplace. Mine was an innocent living room, and yet she knew she was not in here for any innocent purposes.

I smacked her ass again and turned her to face the corridor.

“Drop to your hands and knees, Claire. Crawl. The bedroom’s second on the right. Bend over the end of the bed, knees on the floor, well apart. Put the cane between your buttocks and hold it tight, and wait for me. Go!”

Claire mumbled, “Yes, Master”, round her mouthful of cane, and dropped to her knees, breasts bobbing appealingly. Maddie would have liked that moment. She put her hands on the carpet and set off, her ass beautifully round, the jewel of the butt-plug winking at me.

Her brightly savage cane stripes had turned black in spots where two stripes had crossed. The stripes rolled hypnotically as she crawled her way to the bedroom.She stopped, on hands and knees, before disappearing into my bedroom. “I’m sorry, sir. I’ve asked so much of you. I really am sorry.” 

I would have liked to tell her she was a good girl, but I thought she’d rather earn the next praise I gave her. Still, I  said, “You’ve also given yourself to me. I treasure that, girl. And I’ll let you know when you displease me. But I’ve accepted you, sorry and all, and I’m going to keep you. So get on with you.” 

I watched her crawl away, plug in her buttocks still winking as she moved. I poured myself a glass of water in the kitchen, taking my time, thinking of Claire placing herself over my bed, and the cane, placed invitingly for me to use. Well, I was thinking of it, and her body, and I knew she’d be very aware of it and the possibilities it opened, too.

 When I judged she’d had enough time to think about her circumstances, I walked to the bedroom. Claire was bent obediently over my bed, hands outstretched, cane held tight between her cheeks. She was aware of my arrival but did not move or speak.

I undressed, and took a condom from my dresser, without speaking. Then I took the cane. She sighed, expecting that I was about to use it. But I said, “You need to be fucked, now, don’t you, Claire?”

Wicked Wednesday: Owned like a table. Or car.

Claire had gone inside, in her house, to return the bag of shoplifted clothes to under her daughter’s bed. If she returned to the car, then she would get extra strokes of the cane, and be fucked. I didn’t know which she would choose, but I waited without fretting.

And in about eight minutes she was back, running in her little robe lest the neighbours might see her. She’d hurried. I held open the passenger door, and kissed her once she scrambled inside.   

While we drove to my house I said, “Have you ever had a butt-plug in you before, Claire?”

Her face was already red. She knew she’d chosen whatever happened from this point, and believed that only a shameless woman would do that. “No, Master. It feels strange.”

I smiled. “It makes you very aware of yourself. As a possession, not an independent person, all alone.”

Claire considered that. “I don’t think I can say how I feel, Master.  But…. I’m very happy so far. Even though my ass hurts terribly.”

“There’ll be a time, some time tonight, when I ask you to say whether you belong to me. I know what you’ll say. Don’t you?”

“Yes Master. You’ll own me. Like you own a table. Or this car. I look forward to you asking me, sir.”

“Right.” There was a bone-gag in the glove box. I passed it to her. “I’ll tell you when I need to hear from you again.”

She accepted the gag. “Yes, Master.” She sounded puzzled. But she put the plastic bone between her teeth, and tightened the clasp behind her head.

Then we drove on to my place in silence, my passenger butt-plugged, nearly naked, and unable to speak. I squeezed her thigh reassuringly.  

At last I pulled in at my house, the garage door opening for us so I could park under the house. Claire was relieved, I think, to have privacy when she got out of my car. When she scrambled out and waited I took the cane from the back seat, where I’d thrown it.

“Turn around and face the door, Claire.”

She tried to say, “Yes, Masster,” through the gag. It came out as, “Eff affer.” When she had her back to me I unbuckled her gag and removed it, slipping it into my pocket. She worked her mouth. “Thank you, sir.”

I put the cane to her mouth. “Open, and hold the cane for me, Claire.” She obeyed, silently since the cane had replaced the gag, and she guessed that there’d be consequences if she allowed it to fall from her mouth.

Then I pulled the robe back from her shoulders, down until her breasts bounced free, and then let it drop to her feet.

“Pick that up. From now on, whenever you come to this house, this is where you remove your clothing. You’re not allowed to wear clothes in my house. Is that understood, girl?”

Girl. I don’t think it occurred to Claire, at that moment, that she was a couple of years older than me. She bobbed to collect the discarded robe.

Wicked Wednesday: A Vibrant, Silent, Presence

Maddie had just asked me for permission to give Claire another spanking. I considered asking Claire her opinion on that. I expected Claire would be beautifully, blushingly confused about whether that would be a wonderful thing or a terrible thing. But there was plenty of time to explore Maddie’s obvious attraction to Claire.

Claire’s attitude was less obvious. She found Maddie’s interest flattering, and flustering. Time would tell. I said, “Sorry, Maddie, Claire’s been a good girl for, oh, minutes at a time now. So no, you can’t. But if that changes, of course I’ll allow you.”

 “Sir.” Maddie straightened up. She wanted to be obedient and winsome. And she wanted to compete, sexually, with poor Claire.

I said, “You’re a good girl, Maddie. And I know… Maddie, I know how good you’ve just been, for Claire and for me, and I’m very grateful. And I will reward you for that. But later. For now, girl, off you go. You can give Claire a kiss. But then back to your office, Maddie.”

Maddie’s kiss included a comforting squeeze to Claire’s poor caned bottom, and the two women looked at each other for a moment.

Then Maddie kissed Claire’s forehead and was gone, back into her office.

I said, “Claire. Nose to the wall. I’m working now.”

“Yes, Master.” It was always a safe thing to say, she’d learned.

“If I hear a peep out of you, or your nose leaves the wall, I’ll cane you again. Hard. Understood, girl?”

“I understand, Master.”

I grunted, as if her acquiescence meant nothing. It meant the world, of course, but she wasn’t to be allowed to think that. I busied myself with an appeal to school alumni, for repairs to the swimming pool and a new high-dive pool. And an extra couple of rooms to the library.

Claire, naked, shamed and caned, butt-plug winking crimson between her striped buttocks, stayed in position, hands on head.

I pretended to ignore her, though she was beautiful, and her submission and the welts across her ass meant she was a vibrant sexual presence. The clicking of my keyboard was a sign that she was not important, just a shamed submissive waiting for the next part of her sentence to be pronounced.

Eventually I opened a new document and scrawled in it irrelevantly, just to make the sound of a keyboard while I studied her.

Wicked Wednesday: Punishment robe

I’d just ordered Claire back to her position, nose to the wall, striped ass displayed. She’d hurried to obey, but was slower to remember what she had to say, if she didn’t want more of the cane. “Yes Master!”

“Just in time, girl.”

Claire would need to wear something while she came home with me, and making her put her panties and dress back on would be cruel, now her ass was so sore and sensitive. I turned to Maddie.

“Maddie, this school has had five years without corporal punishment, before I arrived. But when a student is going to punished in front of the school, it seems that they would have had something loose they could wear when they first arrive in front of the assembly. Until they have to take it off and bend over the bench.  I know it’s been a while since that happened, but there must be a robe or something, somewhere, that we can use?”

Maddie didn’t answer immediately. She was staring at Claire, naked, hands on head, nose to the wall, with thirty-six fresh cane stripes across her bottom and upper thighs, red across delectable lightly tanned skin.

I said, “Maddie.”

Maddie was having trouble focusing on important matters. She closed her eyes for a second. “Yes, Master. I’m sorry. That girl there, Claire, those welts are so sexy on her. She looks so beautiful, standing there in disgrace. I see why you like to look at me when I’m like that. Claire, you’re a sight that attracts the eye.”

Claire said nothing, and didn’t move a muscle. I said, “Maddie, you’re about five seconds away from getting the same.”

“Sorry, Master. I think there’s a sort of robe in the storeroom, I think it’s satin, that must have been used for that. Should I bring it now, Master?”

I nodded. “Of course, Maddie.”

“Just a moment, Master.”

Sounds of shuffling and thumping of boxes came from the storeroom.  Maddie emerged, triumphantly, holding a slinky beige robe. “This is probably it, Master. They must have had the naughty students come out in this! For public punishments.” She held it up.

It seemed to be a garment designed for humiliation. It was sleeveless, and it would come about halfway down the thighs of most people who wore it. The hang of the fabric meant it would hug the figure of the wearer. The beige colour was neutral, neither flattering nor ugly. I nodded. “Put that robe on the hook on the clothes rack, Maddie. And take all Claire’s clothing and put it into a bag, would you?”

Claire, nose to the wall, straightened up when she heard that, but she already knew better than to protest. Three dozen cane strokes, and the two extra strokes to come, that meant that three dozen is not the limit, will teach any submissive that lesson.

Maddie gathered the clothes Claire had shed, panties, pantyhose, shoes, skirt, blouse and jacket, and put them in a blue velvet bag, which she left on my desk. She hung the flimsy robe on a hook near Claire. She looked at me. “She looks perfectly delightful, Master. And she’s being a good girl, now. But may I smack her one more time, Master?”



Wicked Wednesday: Pretty stripes on display

Claire had agreed that she would forgive herself, now she had been punished. And I had agreed to take on the role of her Master, at least in the shortish term, while she sorted her life out.

I said, “You’re a good girl, Claire. I’m sure I won’t have to repeat this.”

She looked oddly cheerful. “Oh, you won’t, Master. I don’t think I’m ready for a repeat of all that. Not just yet.”

“But if I do hear you guilt-tripping again, then you’ll be back here.”

“I do understand, Master.”

“Or I’ll deal with you at my home. I don’t make empty threats.” But I held her tight against me. I was hard for her now.

“Will you fuck me, Master? Please. I need your cock in me. Including where … that glass thing is.”

 “Yes, Claire, I think I can safely promise that. I want you very much.” I checked my watch. It was only ten to three. So very much had happened, so very quickly. “Claire.”

“Yes sir?”

“You’ll go and stand facing the wall. Nose touching the wall, hands on head. Naked. You’re not to put your clothes on.”

“Yes, Master.” But Claire didn’t leave. She sank to her knees in front of me.

I held her gently, stroking her hair. 

At last I said, “Sweet little Claire, when does your shift start?”

“Four in the morning, Master. I work at the hospital. Not a nurse. Just an orderly.”

“Right. I have some work I have to do. You can stay, with your very pretty new stripes on display, until three-thirty.”

“May I take the buttplug out?”

“No. And don’t ask that again. Ever.”

“Yes, Master.”

“At three-thirty we’re leaving together. I’ll drive you to your place. You’re going to put that bag of shoplifted clothes back under Tara’s bed where you found it.”


“When I confront Tara, and especially once I’ve punished her, I don’t want her to know you were the one who drew her shoplifting to our attention. She’ll need her mother when she’s been dealt with, and I don’t want her feelings towards you to be complicated.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Of course, if it feels right you can tell her later, once she’s settled down again and she’s doing well.”

“Um, that makes sense, Master. And thank you.”

“You’ll put the bag back under Tara’s bed, and you’ll get your work clothes for tomorrow. Leave a note for Tara, because then you’re coming home with me. To get thoroughly fucked. Understood, Claire?”

Claire swallowed. “Yes, Master. That sounds like a wonderful plan. All of it.”


I thought of telling Claire that she was the perfect office decoration, and I’d have her back in that place, and that condition, often.

But the moment was better without words. Especially words that inane.

Wicked Wednesday: Message received

Maddie hissed something into her ear, and for a moment Claire stopped her wailing and poised herself to receive punishment. But the next five strokes all focused on her upper thighs, and she lost that control immediately. I waited while she writhed, legs rising and falling, and I timed the strokes to make contact while her legs rose. We were dancing, together.

Then I concentrated the strokes on the middle of her bottom, not worried if the cane crossed earlier tracks  Claire was in constant motion and voice, while I silently counted down: Three. Two. One. Then I put the cane down.

I stepped next to the weeping, blubbering Claire, and said, “Maddie. Good girl. You did very well. Now clean this cane, and put it away.” 

“Yes sir.” Maddie accepted the cane and left the room.

I stroked Claire’s hair while she wept. Her face worked, her mouth contorted with grief and pain. I said, “You’re done for now.You earned yourself two penalty strokes, but I’ll deliver them later. For now, Claire darling, all debts are paid. Forever. All gone.”

Claire heard me, and rolled onto her side. Her face a mask of tragedy, she held out an arm to me. I hugged her, and lifted her from my desk. She fell against me, still sobbing, as though heart-broken. I held her and told her she was brave and good. And forgiven. It was over. Paid for in full.

I still didn’t think she had done anything wrong when she turned to her husband’s friend for sex and comfort, after her husband had left her. But she did, so it was the right thing to say. It was true even if I didn’t quite understand it.

I held Claire firmly while she sobbed, until she slowly quieted. At last she looked at me. “You understood.” She said it with wonder in her voice, tears still steaming down her face.

“Thank you, sir. You have no idea how much my ass hurts. But I – I do feel better. Thank you.”

I said, “I always tell students I cane that they’ve been brave. But you … I’m awed by your courage. You really are a good girl.” I inclined my face closer to hers and we kissed, slowly becoming passionate.

“You’re Maddie’s master, aren’t you?”


“I wish… I wish you’d be mine. I mean my Master. Even if only for a while. But I need someone guiding me at the moment. Standing behind me. For me. I’ve gone so wrong.”

I said, “Then you’re under me, until further notice. You may call me Master. And your first order is to remember that your past is paid for. In full. If I hear you express any guilt about fucking that guy, ever again, we’ll go through this once more. Understood?”

She closed her eyes. At last she said, “Understood. Master.”

Wicked Wednesday: Claire, paid in full

Claire stood up, and I held her. She put her arms round me and pressed her body tight.I kissed her forehead, and she let her head hang over my shoulder, weeping silently. Or mostly silent. 

I put my hands on her poor, welted bottom and she hissed in her breath. But I pressed harder, then began to knead that flesh, knowing that it would hurt but that she would experience it as a kind of relief. 

At last she looked up at me. “Do you think I’ve paid yet? Have I had enough? It hurts soooo much.” 

I had never felt that she had done anything wrong. But we were doing this to work out her guilt for fucking her husband’s friend.

My instinct said she needed more, before she would definitely forgive herself.

She needed to remember this as the time she’d been driven to the edge of what she could stand, and then taken further. So I said, “Your arse is likely to hurt for about a week and a half. Then the marks will be gone, and this will be a memory. You’ll need to rely on that memory to feel you’ve paid. So… what do you think, Claire. Have you paid, or do you need more?”

“Oh god, sir. It really hurts. I never got the cane like that when I was a girl. But… I think I need another dozen, at least.”

So I kissed her mouth, and we held each other like lovers. She could feel me hardening for her. Because the sexiest thing, between her and I, as the punisher and the punished, was not her beautiful naked body.

Nor her helpless presentation over my desk, or her gasps and stripes as the cane did its work, wonderfully hot though those things all were, but her acceptance and submission. We were going to fuck as soon as possible after this had finished. I knew she felt that desire too, that powerful sexual heat from her own submission, though we didn’t speak about it.

Instead I patted her poor, ridged and welted bottom. Her eyes told me she didn’t feel that as pain. “Then go back to the desk, Claire. And bend over.”

Claire nodded, then looked up to kiss me one last time. “Yes, Sir.” I released her and she turned back to the desk, where Maddie was waiting for her. Maddie kissed her mouth too, then helped her down.

I did not believe Claire deserved this punishment. And I knew she needed it. She had to forgive herself, and have that forgiveness stay securely with her. So I raised the cane again, and whipped it down, biting into the backs of her legs, at the softest, best padded part of her upper thighs. Claire screamed, all of her former dignity and self-restraint gone in one stroke, while Maddie held her firmly down.


Wicked Wednesday: Back to Claire in the headmaster’s office

I raised the cane. I said, “Ready?”

Claire made only nasal noises in response. She was still getting used to the plug. I swung the cane a little harder than for her first six, and she wailed, and the seventh line rose and filled with fluid and color on her perfect bottom. The jewel in her ass began to dance, weaving and bobbing, while I delivered the next five strokes.

I said, “That’s your first dozen, Claire.”

Claire only groaned, despairing. If there was a ‘first dozen’ there must be a second one. I felt sympathetic for her about that. I’d caned her hard.

But before Claire could forgive herself, she needed to feel she’d done something genuinely challenging. And she couldn’t be a good mother to Tara, I also suspected, until that self-forgiveness came.

So I took no break. I only said, “Hold Claire down, Maddie. She is not to get up until I say.”

“Yes sir.”


“Sir?” She raised her head. She was still weeping, her cheeks streaked with mascara.

“The next dozen is going to be hard and fast. I won’t be concerned with how you feel about it, only with punishing you. But I want you to think about Tara. And being a better, stronger mother for your daughter. She’s going to need you.”

Claire nodded, then let her head drop, gazing onto the desk. I said, “What do you say?”

“Oh! I say Yes Sir! I’m sorry!”

“That’s two extra strokes, Claire. Forget again and the penalty will go up.”

“I won’t forget. Sorry, Sir!”

“Here’s your dozen, Claire.” I raised the cane and swung it hard and fast, striking across the soft undercurve of her bottom, just above her thighs. Claire shouted and her legs left the floor. I didn’t wait for her to resume self-control, but swung again, keeping the strokes coming hard and fast, striping her from that undercurve up to a little way past the crown of her buttocks. Claire screamed and rocked under the cane, continuously.

Until we were finished her second dozen. Claire still moaned, bent over my desk. She said, at last, “Oh god, my ass hurts so bad. This is so hard. But it has to be hard, I understand that. I know I’m doing this for Tara. And for me. I want you to make sure, Sir. I don’t feel you’re finished yet. I don’t think you should be.”  

I put the cane to Claire’s mouth for her to kiss. She did. I said, “Claire. you’ve got another dozen to come. At least that.”

“God. That’s right, I mean I need that. But it’s so hard.”

“We’ll look after you, Claire. But we’ll give you a little break first. Stand up, Claire. Maddie, help her up.”  

Wicked Wednesday: She squealed sweetly

Maddie went to the cupboard and took out the buttplug, annointing it thoroughly with lube. I mouthed, “Good girl,” at Maddie, and then kissed Claire. “Claire, I don’t think you have the right to choose, on this. I’m going to fuck your ass while I’m fucking you this afternoon. Just say, ‘Yes, sir,’ because I’m not asking you for permission. I’m just letting you know.”

“Um.”  Claire looked at me warily. But there was a kind of smile on her face. “Yes, sir, then.”

“Good girl. And right now, while I’m punishing you, you’ll do what I think is best for you. I think the buttplug will give you something to focus on that isn’t pain. That’ll make it a little easier for you. So you say, ‘Thank you for putting a buttplug up my ass while you’re caning my bottom, sir.’”

Claire said, “I asked you to cane me. This is more … Still, I don’t think you’re wrong. I must be crazy. I mean, ‘thank you for putting a buttplug up my ass while you’re caning me, sir.’”

I patted her poor, caned bottom. “Good girl, Claire.” I put my hand in her hair, behind her left ear, and kissed her. She kissed me back. She closed her eyes. Then I smacked her bottom and she squealed sweetly. “Now go back and assume the position. Same as before. Keep your butt up for me, Claire.”

Claire lay her body down on my desk, holding tight, her bottom up and poised. “Like this, sir?”

She knew how desirable she looked. I took out my phone and took several pictures of her ass, so she could admire her marks later. I said, “Very much like that, Claire. Maddie, do your thing.”

Maddie stepped behind Claire, and patted her bottom fondly.

She said, “Keep still, Claire”, and pushed the buttplug against Claire’s tight little entrance. Her rectum suddenly gave, and Claire squealed as the plus entered her, half alarmed and half submissively aroused.

Maddie pushed firmly, letting the thickest part of the plug enter Claire’s anal tube, until her muscle closed again on the thinner part of the plug.

She gave Claire a sharp smack across her welted skin, and said, “There. Good girl, Claire.” A red jewel peeked at us, from the circle that stayed outside her anal opening.

Wicked Wednesday: Hugs and plugs

Claire said, “Sir? I’m sorry, I’m not a schoolgirl any more, and I’m out of practice with the cane. This is hard for me. Can I hug you, sir? Please. I want to continue till I’m properly punished. But I just need … I need you to hold me for a moment, sir.”

I considered the request. My instinct was to say no. Discipline came first, and should be strict. On the other hand, Claire was an adult woman, and hadn’t felt the cane in years. I said, “Maddie, help Claire up.”

When Claire rose to her feet Maddie turned her, and pushed her in my direction.

I caught her, and held her tight. She put her arms around me and her knees seemed to sag; she was relying on my to hold her upright. I held her tight against me, then, when she was back on her feet I ran my hands down her back, then gently clasped and rubbed the skin of her fresh-caned bottom. She shivered, and then relaxed against me again. Skin contact is so beautiful.

She said, “Oh fuck, sir. I know I need this, I mean the cane. But it’s so hard.”

I said, “Shhh, Claire. You’re doing well. And you’re being a brave girl. Brave as any schoolgirl.” She smiled, but the pain was still building for her. I had a thought. She needed to think of her ass in an explicitly sexual context. At least, and at worst, it could be a distraction from the cane. “Tell me, Claire. Your husband. Or his friend. Did they fuck you up your ass?”

“Uh? No.”

“Maddie’s right: that’s insane. They were both out of their minds. You have a gloriously pretty, sexy, fuckable ass.”

Claire was still puzzled, but she said, “Thank you. Sir.”

“Well, has anyone had your ass. His cock in you?”

“Not since high school. I sometimes let boys … You know. Instead of getting me pregnant.”

“Did you enjoy it?”

She seemed to look inside herself, while she considered. “It was okay. No, sometimes it felt perfect: just right. You know, not most of the time. They were just boys. But sometimes it just reached into me. Still, once I’d had vaginal, I, um, never looked back.”



“The buttplug. Medium one. Get it out and lube it, please.”

Maddie said, “Sir!”