Smutathon 2017: Where to find the contributors

Smutathon 2017 was on 2 July! In Smutathon writers on three continents wrote their hearts out for 12 hours each. The idea was to raise awareness and raise funds for two vital charities: Rape Crisis UK, and Backlash, an organisation established to challenge the UK’s draconian and bigoted censorships laws, and to provide legal assistance for producers of material who fall afoul of this law. 

The target was to raise £2,000. And – with a lot of generous help we met the target! The generous help came especially from one modest guy who doesn’t want a fuss made, though he deserves one.

But no doubt, and reasonably, you want to read and enjoy the literary filth that was produced in that 12-hour writathon. There’s a wide range, from hotly serious sexual writing to (intentionally) silly silly stuff.

 So this be the list: all the Smutathon pieces, and where to find them! 

Your links to all the yummy Smutathon pieces! 


Coffee and Kink: Homepage

Smuthathon writings!

Rope porn

Terrifying sexual laws you may not know about

Can the concept of foreplay just die in a fucking fire?

Review: Idee du Désir Orchid 1001 Nights Dildo


Daphne Nevada: Homepage

Daphne Nevada’s Smutathon links page

Note: This personal links page links to twelve (12!) brilliant pieces of Daphne Nevada Smutathon erotica!


Elliot Henry: Homepage

Smutathon 2017

The nice thing about summer is not wearing any clothes


Eve Ray: Homepage

Simply Clever

When EU citizens are not wanted


The Other Livvy: Homepage

The Other Livvy’s Smutathon Links Page!

Note: This personal links page links to fourteen (14!) pieces of brilliant The Other Livvy Smutathon erotica!


Jerusalem Mortimer: Homepage 

Smutathon posts

Smutathon begins (in Australia) in 50 minutes!

James Joyce written in duck!

Reasons not to work for News Corpse

The blowjob in the bath

The duck vagina monologue

The blowjob in the bath 2

Life is bleak till you’ve had beak

The blowjob in the bath 3

Life is bleak till you’ve had beak 2: With face-sitting!

G’night, all. For me, Smutathon is over


Scandarella: Homepage

Smutathon posts

Watch for me by Moonlight

Friendly fingers

There’s the rub

The Legend of Lyonesse



Smutathon posts 

[Note: These were written as Twitter DMs, because @TheWragger doesn’t have a blog.  But @TheWragger gave permission for people with blogs to post them, so I’ve hosted them on this blog. That way we have all the work written for Smutathon that I know of.]


Her spanking 

Exploring her fantasies 


Final note

If I’ve left out your Smuthathon contribution, I promise it was pure incompetence (mine) and not intentional. Send me your links and I’ll be proud to add them.

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