Smutathon Guest Post from The Wragger 3: Exploring her Fantasies

[Note: This was written for Smutathon by The Wragger. He doesn’t have a blog, so I’ve posted it here.] 

I wasn’t sure how she’d react to visiting the nude beach, so I kept it a secret until we got there. Pretty soon the game was out when right in front of us appeared two nude men sauntering up the path, their smiles engaging us. I was sure she couldn’t tell if they were smiling or not.

“Is this a nudey beach? “ she said , putting on her innocent voice.

“Yes, I heard of it on the net so thought we’d give it a try”. My response had that “so what” tone to it.

“Does that mean we have to take off all our clothes?” she enquired with all seriousness. The look in my eye was all the answer she needed. We lay on the towels, taking in the sun. Our relaxed nakedness was the outcome of trials of nervous embarrassment, coyly removing our clothes thinking wed bump into our old school teachers, then realising that noone had noticed. It felt natural, if slightly odd.

The sea breeze reached places it had never visited before and the feeling of us both enjoying it commenced a slow building of erotic tension. I saw her look up, her casual glances behind her sunglasses betraying the busyness of her eyes, taking in the other naked bodies around us. There was nothing remarkable about any of it yet the sight of naked flesh of both sexes and the open exhibitionism of their natural bodies turned the screw of the tension up another notch.

“Good morning” came the deep masculine voice from behind me. I tried to turn to see him but he was stood directly behind my head and I couldn’t see him. I did however see her reaction. One of shyness, slight awkwardness and yet her eyes were wide and focussed. I sat up and turned around with my “good morning “ still in my mouth and then I saw why she was dumbstruck.

He stood well over 2 metres tall and with a sculptd body not out of place in a museum of greek antiquities. But it was what hung between his legs that had caught her stare. It wasn’t just that his cock was long nor that its girth seemed unfeasible. It was the fact that he knew these things and the confidence it gave him to exhibit his superior masculinity directly to her. There’s no doubt his target had been achieved as she suddenly found her voice and engaged him in easy conversation for a few minutes before he went on his way.

Perhaps it was me who noticed that her head was just at the right height for his crotch.

The after dinner wine filled us with a glow that poured out into slow lovemaking back at the hotel that night. The warmth of the night mixed with our sun kissed bodies had filled us with that need for each other and I whispered to her as I entered her, telling her how much I was proud to be with her on that naked beach.

The mention of the beach seemed to trigger her neediness more, grinding herself onto me with more and more passion. “I’m glad you liked the beach baby” I whispered.

She was bucking harder against me now with whimper of “oh yes”

I grunted as I responded, “ I loved seeing you naked in public baby – you were so hot”.

She was now digging her nails in and fucking me hard, her breath unsteady in her reply “yes baby yes”.

I felt she was in her zone, feeding this sexual urge she suddenly had as I held onto to her tight and fucked her deeply. I took a chance at something I’d been meaning to ask her “Did you like that man lookin g at your naked body baby?”

She answered physically powering herself on to me, almost hyperventilating as her orgasm approached.”yes baby I did” she uttered. The idea of it made me fuck her more intensely and I asked the other question I wanted to ask all day “ Did you like the look of his big cock baby?”

She gripped me like a vice as her legs wrapped around me and she nearly screamed “ yes yes yes” as her mental fantasy with the man on the beach poured out of her mind into her orgasm, exploding on his thick cock not mine, and in his muscular masculine arms.

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