G’night, all. For me, Smutathon is over

I’ve put in 13 hours, and written nearly 4,000 words, in 10 posts! 

I hope you enjoyed at least some of them, and if I made you smile, remember that a smile is precious, and go give all your worldly wealth to Smutathon

But it’s close to 2 in the morning here, and time for all filthhawks and smutmongers (your servant, I’m sure) to go to their cold, lonely beds, to dream about those
Antarctica girls who really should be here with me. 

Good night and Demogorgon bless you, every one!

(Give to Smutathon, supporting Rape Crisis and Backlash!) 


2 thoughts on “G’night, all. For me, Smutathon is over

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