Wicked Wednesday: Juniper’s Adventures 6

This is episode 6 of the series that evolved and expanded into the engrossing, erotic ebook, Jennifer’s Pleats and Pleas 1: Jennifer’s first Spanking, which manages to be sexy, severe and sweet, all in one sitting. 

In this episode, Jennifer is allowed to put her skirt and panties back on, after her spanking. She is dazed. She came very close to orgasm. So did Will, who had to stop that spanking rather abruptly. 

But I’ve had to cu the text because this has been published and is on sale at Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes and Noble, Rakuten Kobo, Angus and Robinson, 24symbols, and Vivlio. You can access it from your favoured supplier here


4 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Juniper’s Adventures 6

    • Absolutely not the end. Next week’s episode is already written.

      And I can’t see this saga ending before he’s heard the sound of Jennifer’s orgasm. (Possibly followed by the sound of an approaching police van. Jennifer’s over the age of consent, but that doesn’t apply to headmasters, even relatively young ones.)

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