Wicked Wednesday: Jennifer’s pleats and pleas 5

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I stroked Jennifer’s bottom and slim flanks gently, enjoying the heat radiating from her apple-red buttocks and the upper slopes of her thighs, and the relative coolness of her mid-thighs where her panties were bunched. I patted her hot little bottom again, because it was irresistible, then squeezed her. She sighed. She liked being under my hand.

What was I going to do about this? Jennifer would do whatever I said. Without limit, I knew that. But although something had become personal between us, very personal, I still had to protect her and her interests.

Hot, he thought. Wet. Submissive. One, perhaps two, strokes of one finger and she'd be his

Hot, he thought. Wet. Submissive. Confused. One, perhaps two, strokes of one finger and she’d be his

I continued to caress her gently while she stayed in her dreamy space. And I thought. I was sure she didn’t do any thinking at all. She’d been close to orgasm. So close that when she was more experienced she’d be frustrated, but for now she knew only that she’d been in wonderland. She would make sure she returned. At last I said, “Right. That’s that. Up you get.”

Jennifer looked up at me, red-eyed. She’d cried a little. She’d also forgotten how to move her body. I lifted her carefully, one hand under her belly and the other raising her shoulders. She stumbled back to her feet, skirt still tucked above her waist, panties still at half-mast on her thighs. With a deep red glow of spanked bottom and thighs between.

I wanted to keep her, to have her stand with her nose to the wall and her hands on her head, decorating my room.

Waiting for me to call her to me, and tell her what to do. Hoping that what she had to do would end that yearning she felt. End it in explosion and fulfilment. 

I was aware of the silence from the photocopying room. Maddie was listening intently. Jennifer was watching me, wondering if she had permission to pull up her panties and lower her skirt. 

Life had to move on.


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    • Thank you!
      I have no idea how long this story is. But I assume that it will grow to epic proportions. On a weekly basis. So there should be plenty!

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