Probation officer #39: Making mischief

I frowned. “I doubt -. No, I’m pretty sure that’s not a good idea.”

“She should know what she’s missing. Since you’re so careful not to -. Well, she’s not going to find out from you.” 

Sa’afia was making mischief. If she was any cousin of Ana’s, looking worried would only make it worse. So I said, “You’re cousins, and you’re both Bad Girls. Both of you. So you tell Ana whatever you like. But it’s not going to matter. I’m still not allowed to tell you anything about Ana, I mean about Ana and probation. And I’m still not allowed to fuck her, no matter what you tell her.” 

“She’s been teasing you. You know that, don’t you?” 

I thought about Ana’s lesbian story, and how disappointed she’d seemed with my tediously helpful reaction. I’d believed the story at the time, but I’d started to have my doubts. “Maybe.”

“No maybe about it, Mr Probation Officer Sir. She’s been trying to give you another rere, because you get so cute when you’re embarrassed.” She looked at me to check, and of course I blushed. “It’s okay. It is cute.” She circled my cock with her fingers. It didn’t stir. 

“Huh.” (A ‘rere’, pronounced ‘ray-ray’, is an erection, in Samoan circles. But she didn’t mean my cock was cute; she meant my embarrassment was.) 

“Anyway, she says she tells you filthy stories, and she shows you what she had for breakfast, and she says you just sit there and react like a robot. She was starting to think maybe you were gay. Or something. So I can tell her she’s on the wrong track there.” Her hand, still on my cock, started stroking lightly.   

“She knows I fancy her. That’s not breaking any confidences.” I meant that I’d said it to Ana at the party, after we’d danced together, so it wasn’t covered by probation confidentiality rules. But that was too boring and priggish to explain. Fortunately Sa’afia didn’t question it. “But I’m supposed to be a professional. I’m trying to act like it.” 

How much had I thought about that? Far, far, far, far too much.

How much had I thought about that? Far, far, far, far too much.

“You know, you should give her a spanking.”

“No, I shouldn’t.”

“That’s what she needs, I reckon. I bet she deserves it, too. You should just put her over your knee and smack her bottom.”

My cock, treacherously, chose that moment to wake up in her hand. 

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