Probation Officer #181: The Samoan Minister 18

It was a cold day, and once I’d dragged Sa’afia inside we’d gone straight for my bedroom. I’d left a heater on, so that once I’d closed the door she could be naked and still comfortable.

I pull Sa’afia’s dress up over her breasts, and then further so that it covered her head and trapped her arms. While she was helpless I pushed her so she landed on my bed, and I was on her and in her before she had recovered. The fuck was fast and extravagant, with nothing withheld or concern given for time or her pain or our energy. I struck her thighs as they pressed against my sides, wanting to rewaken the fire where I had already bruised her with her stick. She’d gasped, and those gasps had become orgasmic cries, her cunt contracting hard.

I stayed with her while she came, and pulled her dress all the way off. She face re-emerged, tousled. I said, “oh, there you are,” as if I was playing peek-a-boo with a baby. She stared at me without smiling, or answering, from a place where she didn’t know anything about words.

maybeI started our fuck again. She began to scream a few minutes later, as the orgasms came in waves, each a little higher. I have stupid, nerdish prides of every kind, but I soon lost count. She didn’t stop. It seemed that she came with every movement we made.

She’d raised her knees to press against her sides, to get my cock into her as deep as it could go. We were in some magic place; I’d never known her, or any woman in this state before.

Eventually her orgasms got smaller, and I stopped through sheer exhaustion. Her hair was wet with sweat and so was mine. the bottom sheet had been crisp and it too was soaked with our sweat and her pleasure. I could feel my heart pumping, and hers below me. We’d run in some contest, which we’d eventually lost. I felt triumphant. 

I blew a lock of hair away from Sa’afia’s eyes. She looked at me, for the first time in what felt like a long, long time. I wanted to say something fond. I said, “Whoa. My god.” 

Sa’afia muttered something. It sounded like like, “it-pee.” 

I kissed her nose. “What?” 

“Hurt me.” 


“Whip me.” 

I looked at her. She wasn’t saying anything to please me. She wasn’t capable, just then, of planning her speech for another’s benefit. She wanted all the sensation in the world. I pulled out of her. “Just a moment.” 

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