Probation Officer #160: Bowre of blisse 24

fingerI hadn’t taken Sa’afia anally, or even talked about it, so I didn’t know how she’d react. Under the small, polite pressure of my fingertip she gazed down at me, with a certain kind of haggard intensity. I’d seen that look before, so I pressed my finger down, making her  little ring yield and open, and pushed down into her to the second knuckle. That was my first entry into her ass.

Sa’afia squirmed harder, and made a little sound. I whispered in her ear that I’d cane her for this tonight. I still wasn’t sure what “this” was, but she knew. And later, when I’d caned her, I’d fuck her with my cock up her ass. So just a few seconds later Sa’afia came, massively and loudly. And when I praised her for coming so well, and kissed her, she kissed me back.

She’d probably be staying with her mother that night, so I wouldn’t really cane her that evening. And I wasn’t going to fuck her ass tonight. Or any other night, at least not without a bit more conversation about that first. But I’d seen that the idea had excited her, and that was enough for now.

And she wasn’t angry at me any more. Whatever it was, I’d have to find out about it later. 

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