Probation Officer #161: Bowre of blisse 25

I let Sa’afia have first shower, put on a robe and went to wake Ana. She needed to be up and ready for the meeting at the Community Law Centre.

It was still semi-dark in the living room.

sleepyAna lay on the couch, on her front with an arm around her pillow. The blankets had wrapped themselves around her thigh, and most of her back and side was out in the morning air.

Her face was turned towards the door, her eyes closed and her mouth open. Her back rose and fell, golden brown, as she breathed.

Men shouldn’t look at undressed, sleeping women they’re a little bit in love with. Especially the ones they shouldn’t be a bit in love with. I might have been sexually exhausted, but beauty is dangerous, and it is not forgettable. Ever. Anyway, perving at girls is creepy.

But I couldn’t call Ana from the door to wake her up. I had to make sure she really did wake up and get up. So she’d be pretty much naked, suddenly disturbed, and there I’d be, trying to have a conversation about breakfast, showers and law centres, with the naked cousin of my girlfriend. It would be bad if Ana minded, and perhaps worse if she didn’t mind.

I walked over and pulled the blankets gently back over to cover her. Ana snuffled, and her mouth opened and closed, but she didn’t wake. I touched her shoulder through the blanket, and rocked her gently till her eyes opened.

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