Probation Officer #130: An afternoon with the police 11

I said, “Ana was already in the Kempff, Hsang and Cowper offices when Jane Siebel took that photo. And she hasn’t moved from there all day.” I knew that because Sa’afia would have texted me if Ana had left. “So Ana didn’t put that bag there. Greg Curnow did. There were probably two other officers with him. What time did Curnow bring in the baggie?”

“And you know it was Curnow how?”

“Because this morning Curnow and two other officers -”  

But Maynard waved his hand again. “Oh, all right, leave that for now. Were you with Siebel when this photo was taken?”

“There were two witnesses with Ms Siebel. I was one of them.” 

“Uh huh. Thought so. You just happened to tag along. Yeah. As if you didn’t set the whole thing up.”

“Jane Siebel is the lawyer. I’m just Ms Matatumua’s probation officer.”

“Bullshit. There’s a crusade on and you’re running it. If I didn’t know Jock better, I’d think you’re banging this damn girl. He hasn’t put you in hospital, so I guess you aren’t. Short of that you’re doing everything that a probation officer shouldn’t do. If you were on my staff I’d fire you before I fired Curnow. You’re a fucking ideologue.” 

Now I was angry. So I said nothing. I didn’t trust my voice if I spoke. 

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