Governing the Gang Girl 4: Nipples of tantalum and lead

This is an episode of the book that became “Governing the Gang Girl 4: Cold Cream”.

I’ve had to remove it, because my publishers don’t like their books available free online. Shortly I’ll put up a link to where you can buy this excellent and very hot erotica.

In this episode, Jack sends Charmie off to the church next door on Sunday morning, wearing only a t-sdhirt, to cut two canes, one thin and one thick, for him to use on her bottom. He adds that when she sees her sister Zerlina, and Zerlina’s friend Lynette having breakfast in the kitchen, she is to explain that she’s about to get the cane for dissing them at dinner last night. And tell them that they’re invited to come up and witness her punishment.

“This is beautifully written erotica, incredibly hot, about people who feel like real, three-dimensional people. Some of the BDSM events are ouchie, but the atmosphere is always loving. Jerusalem Mortimer turns human details and erotic details into pure steamy sexiness. Reading it is like being there, on a wonderful sensual ride!

Isadora Druse, reviewer.

2 thoughts on “Governing the Gang Girl 4: Nipples of tantalum and lead

  1. Yes, it is nice. Linen does’t really suit me, but it looks good on most women.

    Of course, Raylene was wearing a t-shirt, but I just couldn’t find a decent photo with a t-shirt. Let alone a black one with a chart of the Periodic Table on the front, so I chose the linen.

    Ooooh, “periodic table” sounds like Catholic Contraception, doesn’t it?

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