Governing the Gang Girl 4: Oh, fuck them, too

This is an episode of the book that became “Governing the Gang Girl 4: Cold Cream”.

I’ve had to remove it, because my publishers don’t need it being available free on my site.

In my morning's mood, I'd have wanted the tee-shirt about this long

In my morning’s mood, I’d have wanted the tee-shirt about this long

In this episode, Jack goes back to check on Charmie. they have a sort of half-sex, and then he tells her it’s time for her to go down to the church next door, in only a t-shirt, to cut the two canes he’s going to use on her.

For her caning, which will happen with Zerlina and possibly Lynette watching.

Does Charmie think that all might be humiliation? Yes, she does.

Does she think that is hot? Oh yes. She thinks that might be delicious.



“This is beautifully written erotica, incredibly hot, about people who feel like real, three-dimensional people. Some of the BDSM events are harsh, but the atmosphere is always loving. JJ Mortimer turns human details and erotic details into pure steamy sexiness. Reading it is like being there, on a wonderful sensual ride!” – Isadora Druse, reviewer.

Get your copy!

I’ve had to remove the actual text, because this excellent and very sexy book has been published and is being submitted for sale at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Apple Books, 24symbols, Angus and Robinson, tolino, Rakuten Kobo and Vivlio.

I’ll give you a link to a page that will take you to your favoured on-line bookseller, or allow you to choose one, very soon.

3 thoughts on “Governing the Gang Girl 4: Oh, fuck them, too

  1. Even if the T-shirt did cover her ass, it doesn’t sound like it could be confused for a short dress, and I’m sure the churchgoers would notice and tut over her pantslessness. And the brazen thieving of bamboo probably wouldn’t go over all that well either.

  2. Actually, I’m not sure. I didn’t watch.

    They couldn’t have mistaken the tee for a dress. Still, they_could_ have thought that she had a pair of very short shorts under it. And if any old gentlemen noticed the absence of Visible Panty Line, I’m sure they had the sense not to comment on this to their wives.

    But you’re probably right. I think she did, likely, stare down the disapproving and then hack the the two bamboo pieces with all her might.

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