Wicked Wednesday: The shoplifter’s mother clamped

Maddie knelt and applied the clamp to Claire’s left nipple, then put the other clip to her right.

A fine gold chain connected the two. Maddie tugged lightly on the chain, causing Claire to open her mouth further and let me push deeper. Claire made a noise around my cock. It can’t be transcribed, but it meant pleasure.

Something dark and powerful was stirring deep within her. Her lips closed on the base of my cock. I let her hear my pleasure.

Maddie stepped back. “Anything else, sir?”

I said, “Yes, Maddie, bring me the strap. Claire, if you let my cock slip out of my mouth before I come, I’m going to wallop your ass till my arm is tired. Understood?” She said nothing, but her head bobbed: assent.

I took the strap from Maddie, and let it trail down Claire’s back, as a warning and incentive.

“May I watch, sir?”

“Claire, do you mind if Maddie watches you suck my cock?”

Claire made another vocal noise, partly muffled by my cock, but I don’t think it had words in it anyway. It wasn’t indignation. It was sex. The idea of being watched pleased her very much.

I raised the strap and brought it down, not fast, so that the end of the strap wrapped under her right buttock and slapped her smartly but not too painfully.

Claire closed her eyes and sucked harder. I swung the strap again, a little faster, so its smack on the underside of her left buttock was harder. Her eyes shut tighter.

I could see pain in her face. “Keep your eyes open, Claire. Look up into mine.”

Guido Reni’s Magdalene practicing her fellatio face

She obeyed, her eyes helpless, pleading, pious, like a saint in a Guido Reni painting. I smiled down at her. “Good girl, Claire. You’re a little rusty, I know, but you get top marks for enthusiasm.” She made an acknowledging noise, in her throat.

I began to pump her, thrusting slowly into her mouth, taking it slowly so she could adjust to my rhythm. She choked once, as I thrust deeper, but a woman who asks you to cane her presumably won’t mind that.

I put my free hand in her hair, and pulled lightly. Not to hurt, just to let her know I was taking control. I thrust harder and faster, and she gamely followed me, keeping my pace.

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