Wicked Wednesday: Tears and sweat

Jennifer had just received twelve strokes of the slipper, bent naked over my desk, with Maddie holding her hands to make sure she stayed in place.

She’d been noisy and tearful through-out, and yet already, her bottom blazing red and hot, she was calm again. She had to be focussed on the hot pain across her buttocks, and finding that the heat has some quite pleasant side effects. 

I said, “”Maddie, you can let go of her hands for now. Thank you, girl. I’ll thank you properly later.”

Maddie smiled, and she stroked the backs of Jennifer’s hands comfortingly, after she’d released them. “I know you will, Master.”

“Jennifer. You’re done with your punishment, or at least the punishment for exposing yourself. Two dozen strokes over two days. Bravely taken. And now you’ve paid, and it won’t be mentioned again.”

It took Jennifer almost a minute before she could say, “Thank you, sir.” Then she added, “Thank you for punishing me. I know I was doing something wrong. It was a stupid thing to do.”

“I don’t think you’ll ever do it again, Jennifer. But if you did I’d cane you. And if there were a third offence I’d cane you naked in front of the school. I think that would cure any further exhibitionist tendencies.”

Actually I doubted that last statement, very much.

Something told me that if I ever did cane her in front of the school, she’d find a way of making sure it happened again. But I kept that thought to myself.

“All right, Jennifer. You can stand up now.”

“Oooh, yes… sir.” She raised herself stiffly and awkwardly, like an old man. But she managed to stand and face me. Indeed she had wept.

Her face was wet with tears, and her nose ran. I’d have to use many tissues if I wanted to hug her, but it wasn’t time for that yet. Anyway, Jennifer was a beautiful girl, but I’d come to love her face when she wept for me.

“We’re not quite finished for today, Jennifer, but I want to stop you from stiffening up too much. Can you do squat thrusts?”

“Yes, sir. Of course.”

“Good girl. Of course you can. Give me twenty.”

Jennifer said, “Yes, sir.” She dropped down into a squat, then shot her legs out behind her, drew them back into the squatting position, then stood up.

As she repeated this movement, I beckoned Maddie over.

She stood in front of me, eyes bright, and we hugged. She could feel my penis, hard, between the two of us. She whispered, “You’re going to use me so hard after this, aren’t you?”

“Eight, sir.”

I said, slightly louder then she’d spoken, “Yes, Maddie. You’ll stay behind, after Miss Perch has left.”

“Thirteen, sir.” Jennifer was a fit girl, but she was puffing, now.

I smacked Maddie’s bottom, and we turned to watch our girl exercise, bottom glowing, breasts bobbing. Aware of our gaze, she tried to keep the puffing inaudible. Eventually she sang out, “Twenty, sir!” She stood, arms at her side. There were beads of sweat between her breasts.

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