Wicked Wednesday: Quick recovery

Maddie returned and draped a blanket over her. “Thank you, Maddie. Thank you for everything, I think. And I hope I didn’t deafen you, with all that screaming while you were holding me down. I know I bawled my head off. Even I thought I was making such a racket.”

Maddie said, “You were fine, sweet little Jennifer. You’re new to discipline, and it is a shock when you start. Though even now I sometimes find myself making more noise than that.”

“Do you? Wow.”

I put my hand on Jennifer’s bottom and squeezed her. Just enough to make her yelp. “I’m afraid I thought the sounds you made were absolutely beautiful. So are your tears, little Jennifer. Like tiny jewels on your face.”

“You enjoy punishing me, sir, don’t you? I don’t mind; you can do that as much as you like, wherever, whenever, however you like. But your … thing: it’s always so hard and big when you’re warming my poor bottom. I know I shouldn’t say that either. But I like that it pleases you.”

“You please me very much. Even when I’m not making you cry, pretty girl.”

“Heh.” She wriggled in closer to my chest. “And you like making me come, I know. That was so cool, sir, what you did when you were punishing me. Getting me ready to come, then giving me more of the slipper. That’s why it was so easy to take.”

I kissed her, and we kept our heads close to each other. Jennifer pulled the blanker round to cover both of us. I said, “Having you turned on before I slipper you helps you to get through it. You still get the same smacks, but your mind, even your body, interpret them differently. Everything feels sexy.”

“Yep. Yep, Sir. Without that I’d have screamed blue murder and tried to run out of the room.”


“Oh! I would’ve been, wouldn’t I? But getting away would be all I’d be thinking about. Instead, oh, it hurt, sir.  You made me a very sorry girl, and I promise I’m never going to flash myself at anyone. Except you, of course.”

“Of course. You’ll do as you’re told, Jennifer.”

“Oh, I will, sir. But you can’t want to see me naked again anyway. You’ve seen everything I’ve got, now. Maybe that means no more spankings for me! Ever!”

I marvelled at Jennifer, who could recover so fast from a severe punishment, and then risk more by being cheeky. She’d stayed subdued for perhaps five minutes. I hugged her, tight.

But then she was serious again. “Sir? I’ve got a question. It’s a very personal question. Can I have permission to ask it?”

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