Masturbation Monday: Biting on a cardamon pod

Jayavardini and Chetana licked and rubbed and stroked and strained against each other and kissed and bit when they were in bed together. Occasionally Chetana fucked her with a strap-on, but Jayavardhini enjoyed that much more enthusiastically than Chetana did, so it didn’t happen often enough.

Chetana said, “Well, no… I haven’t actually spanked her.” As if she regretted the oversight.

Jayavardhini said, “So far!”

Philip said, “Well, it’s obviously long past time.”  

Chetana leaned forward and put her hand on Jayavardhini’s bottom, and stroked her, letting her fingers touch and tap lightly along the cleft of her buttocks. She shivered deliciously, waiting.  There was a pause.

Jayavardhini, lying across the bed, held down, her head resting on Philip’s thigh’s, imagined Chetana looking at Philip, and heard Philip make an affirmative noise.

It was unusual for Chetana to wait for approval.

Jayavardhini sighed comfortably when Chetana cupped her right buttock, squeezed it fondly, and then the hand lifted. Jayavardhini stopped herself from clenching.

Then Chetana’s hand landed, slapping her and rousing her skin. A few seconds later Chetana swatted her on the left cheek. Philip kissed her forehead, and she raised her head to look at him. He was still smiling, but less benevolently. She said, “This is your doing, you savage.”

Shetried to reach him to kiss him, but he still held her down, so Chetana could easily reach her bottom. But he leaned forward to make himself available and put his hand on the back of her head. She kissed him, open-mouthed. Chetana smacked her again, right, then left.

The impacts rang out in the wooden cabin, and Jayavardhini felt each as a sort of sensual explosion, like biting on a cardamom pod. She wished Chetana would make it harder.

Philip grunted, perhaps at something he’d thought, and his tongue touched her teeth, met hers, and they explored sensations and each other, shifting the kiss from time to time to try new angles.

Chetana smacked her again, her fingers lifted back so only her palm impacted on her bottom. There was something oddly hesitant about it. Jayavardhini would have expected Chetana to do anything full-heartedly. Still, it felt good, and she let Chetana urge her on, hand lightly smacking her ass while she kissed Philip, Chetana’s lover.

After a time Philip broke their kiss, released his pressure on the small of her back, and pulled her up level on the bed with the two of them.

Chetana pulled Philip and Jayavardhini to her and embraced them both. “My loves.”

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