Wicked Wednesday: Let the good girl shine

Jennifer’s legs, now bare, were perfectly beautiful, just the right balance of slimness and plumpness, her inner thighs touching but parting again for that adorable gap at the top, just below her pussy, so tightly confined by another scrap of white cotton, no bigger than yesterday’s panties had been. She’d known that I was going to spank her again, so she’d chosen those deliberately, as display.

I smiled at her. “Now the panties. I’m going to spank your bottom, Jennifer. Not some cotton.”

“You– You mean down to my knees? Sir?”

“No, Jennifer.” She gave me her beseeching face again.

It was a very pretty look for her, and I’m sure she knew it. “Down to your feet, and then you step out of them. I mean, off!”

“Oh. Yes, sir.” She had courage enough to sound sulky. I’d cure her of sulkiness, but I admired her for it just the same. She put her hands on the panty hems, and slid them very slowly, at least until they bunched at the top of her thighs, below her pussy. The skin around and a little above that vertical pout was lightly furred. The two girls I’d paddled, the first to have to reveal details like that in front of me, had been neatly shaven. But Jennifer was a less sophisticated girl. 

But once her pussy was exposed she must have felt that she was committed. Face aflame, looking into my eyes, she pushed them down her thighs and allowed them to drop from her knees to her ankles. Then, keeping her thighs tightly together, she stepped out of them and lowered herself, still watching my face, to pick them up.

“Good girl. Now hang them up – neatly, mind you – on the rack.”

“Oh. Yes, sir.” And she turned, sweet thighs and pale round bottom bobbing, while she folded her skirt and put it on its peg, and did the same with her panties. The she turned back. She was smiling, but with her eyes down. She knew I’d enjoyed the view she’d provided me.

I said, “Good girl. There are things we have to deal with, in your behaviour, but I do know that you’re a very, very good girl at heart. We’re going to let that good girl out and let her shine, from now on, aren’t we?”

The smile widened. That sounded like a good idea. “Yes, sir!”

“But the bad girl still has to be punished. You already know what to do, Jennifer. Get over my knee, girl.”

Jennifer placed herself over my knee, almost diving. She wasn’t afraid, but she was shy again. She kept her thighs together. I didn’t mind that. It wouldn’t last more than a few seconds.

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