Wicked Wednesday: Back to Claire in the headmaster’s office

I raised the cane. I said, “Ready?”

Claire made only nasal noises in response. She was still getting used to the plug. I swung the cane a little harder than for her first six, and she wailed, and the seventh line rose and filled with fluid and color on her perfect bottom. The jewel in her ass began to dance, weaving and bobbing, while I delivered the next five strokes.

I said, “That’s your first dozen, Claire.”

Claire only groaned, despairing. If there was a ‘first dozen’ there must be a second one. I felt sympathetic for her about that. I’d caned her hard.

But before Claire could forgive herself, she needed to feel she’d done something genuinely challenging. And she couldn’t be a good mother to Tara, I also suspected, until that self-forgiveness came.

So I took no break. I only said, “Hold Claire down, Maddie. She is not to get up until I say.”

“Yes sir.”


“Sir?” She raised her head. She was still weeping, her cheeks streaked with mascara.

“The next dozen is going to be hard and fast. I won’t be concerned with how you feel about it, only with punishing you. But I want you to think about Tara. And being a better, stronger mother for your daughter. She’s going to need you.”

Claire nodded, then let her head drop, gazing onto the desk. I said, “What do you say?”

“Oh! I say Yes Sir! I’m sorry!”

“That’s two extra strokes, Claire. Forget again and the penalty will go up.”

“I won’t forget. Sorry, Sir!”

“Here’s your dozen, Claire.” I raised the cane and swung it hard and fast, striking across the soft undercurve of her bottom, just above her thighs. Claire shouted and her legs left the floor. I didn’t wait for her to resume self-control, but swung again, keeping the strokes coming hard and fast, striping her from that undercurve up to a little way past the crown of her buttocks. Claire screamed and rocked under the cane, continuously.

Until we were finished her second dozen. Claire still moaned, bent over my desk. She said, at last, “Oh god, my ass hurts so bad. This is so hard. But it has to be hard, I understand that. I know I’m doing this for Tara. And for me. I want you to make sure, Sir. I don’t feel you’re finished yet. I don’t think you should be.”  

I put the cane to Claire’s mouth for her to kiss. She did. I said, “Claire. you’ve got another dozen to come. At least that.”

“God. That’s right, I mean I need that. But it’s so hard.”

“We’ll look after you, Claire. But we’ll give you a little break first. Stand up, Claire. Maddie, help her up.”  

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