Sinful Sunday: The prie-dieu

The beautiful Zoë bends over a prie-dieu. Waiting for the riding crop.

The prie-dieu was once a religious tool, for waiting humbly while addressing a god: why is life so hard? Why are you punishing me? How can I serve you better? 

I saw this one in an antique shop somewhere in the Australian outback, and immediately knew that I had to have it, for depraved, kinky purposes. The overlap between religion and bdsm is deep and emotionally complex. But it’s not today’s topic.

Today’s topic is peace. There’s always great calm before the storm, and there’s a different kind of calm afterwards. So here she is: beautiful, calm, conscious of the future.



10 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: The prie-dieu

  1. I’m not sure this was the original intent, but it works perfectly for your purposes. And hey, Jaime, can’t you afford to heat your library, what’s with the clothes?

    • “What’s with the clothes?”
      You have been given – given – a photo of my very fine ass, and you’re complaining that I’m not nude? Elliott, you’re not entitled to more of my body than what is freely given. As a matter of fact, you’re not even entitled to that. Do better.

    • This is just a manners thing. Please don’t say a woman in one of my photos is overdressed. That’s a matter of what she’s comfortable with, and therefore her decision.

      (In fact even with the heaters roaring, it was pretty cold that day.)

  2. And you are using it so she can physically experience pain on her outer skin instead of what she might only imagine intellectually at a distance. You are working at helping her unify her physical sensing with her deeper emotional-intellectual self….grounding her so she’s no longer disconnected as a person from her body-mind-emotional parts…she is not in her head, she is not lost in her feelings, she is not lost in feeling judged and condemned. By the end of the ritual corporeal exercise, she and you might find a new transcendence.

  3. I love this piece of furniture and can think of lots of ways it could be used. This is a great image and I love what you have written about the calm before and after the storm too 🙂

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