Vampire girl #18

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I said, leaning forward against Diane’s ass, “That’s better.” 

 “Yeah, much better. You going to fuck me?”

“Pretty soon. But I promised you a whipping.”

“Well, you don’t have – “

“And you’re going to get whipped. You’ll be more fuckable afterwards. I promise. Now lift up your leg.”

“Huhn ?”

“Left leg. Get your knee up. Keep it wide.”

“Oh fuck.” But Diane obeyed. She raised and bent her knee, resting her foot on her right knee and leaning back against me for support.

I slipped the fingers of my right hand round and under her cunt, holding her tight. Then I gripped her, hard, until she grunted, not really in pain. 

“Good girl. This is meant to hurt. You ready?”

“Jesus. Jesus fucking…” The voice in which she said, “yes” was half whisper and half squeak.

“Good. Now, I’m going to need you to keep still.”

I raised the switch. 


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