Vampire girl #17

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“So you’d like me to say, ‘I’ve been a bad girl. Please punish me, master.’ Would that turn you on?” 

Actually, it jolted my cock just hearing her quote that, even though she wasn’t exactly saying it. Not saying it on her own behalf. But I wasn’t going to admit that she had any sort of power.

“No, Diane, we’re past that. You don’t have to say anything. Not that anything you say would make any difference. I’m about to hurt you. Because you disobeyed me so you deserve it. Um, have you ever had any sort of punishment before? I mean, from a lover?”

“God no. I’ve never let – Well, never mind. No.” 

“Then you’re about to lose a virginity, of sorts. It’s an honour.” She laughed. “No, seriously, Diane. It really is an honour. For me.. And I’ll kiss it good bye. That virginity, I mean. And kiss you better. But turn around now.”

“Turn? My back? To you?” Each element, she managed to convey, was questionable, and unwise. 

I picked up one of the switches at my feet. It looked thin, leafy, but capable of delivering real pain. “Now.”

Diane turned her back, then took a step backwards, so her ass was just a few centimetres from my crotch.

I put put my hands on her hips and drew her back, making that contact. My cock pushed against her bottom, and I couldn’t help making a slight pumping, pleasuring motion. She was firmly, lusciously curved. I wanted her. She made a sound that I took as meaning she’d felt my cock and she approved. I sighed. 


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