The Ojastara Tales: Tale the Second, Part 2

Ojastara, hands tied behind her back, leash around her neck, followed her young captor. He was wearing a brown t-shirt, with German words on it. The forest equivalent of a Hi-Vis jacket. His shorts were small, and tight.

She watched him walking ahead of her, her leash in one hand. Ojastara wasn’t worried by her captivity, or concerned that he was, perhaps, not a good man. He wasn’t, but she liked watching him walk. A nice ass and good legs went a long way, in her mind.

So after a time she she risked stopping, and pulling back on the leash, The movement tightening the bowstring round her neck, but it also made him turn. He smiled, not nicely. Such a lot of contempt for such a young man, thought Ojastara. He said, “Did you trip?” 

Ostajara fell forward, as if she’d tripped. The movement brought her knees between his feet, her head against his crotch. She said, “No, not really, but I beg you: not the Landgraf! Couldn’t you look after me?” She stared at the bulge of his cock.

He stared down at her head. She let her shoulders slump, which displayed her breasts as she guessed he would want: weighty, not proud. He considered her and at last said, “And how would you like to be looked after?” 

She looked up at him, without leaning forward yet, so he could consider her breasts fully. “I think a woman is happiest serving a man’s pleasure, don’t you? So you have… with you” – she looked at his shorts – “a means to my happiness.” She opened her mouth, then, and made an O of her lips.

The young man looked at her, ideas and possibilities finally dawning on his face.

“Ah. Well, the Landgraf is more… complicated in his pleasures than I am. But if it’s hard cock you want, I am your man.” 

Ojastara leaned forward. “Then I could care for your cock. Though I’ll need my hands.” 

He slapped her, hard. “You think I was born yesterday, cow? You can suck my cock. Doesn’t need hands. Not even yours.”

The was a low, vulpine growl when the sound of that slap filled the clearing. Ojastara shook her head then, and the foxes subsided. The young man hadn’t noticed the foxes following them, and so her headshake meant nothing to him. She looked at him, as if imploring, and he pushed his shorts down, and his cock sprang free. 

Ojastara lowered her head and kissed the tip, and then, sucking him so he could not think, took him into her mouth.

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