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I said I’d get rid of this picture, which I put up for temporary reasons. It was for some computer technology that would guess your parents (on the assumption that your parent were famous). So they checked out this pic, and their program said that I was the love-child of John Lennon and Christina Hendricks.

That seemed unreasonably flattering, but then that sort of program is intended to be flattering.

But actually that’d be bad news for me, since I can’t play guitar, so me and Dad wouldn’t have that thing in common. And Mum: well, I’d keep trying to shag her, if she’s Christina Hendricks. So it’d only lead to trouble.

Also, this is one of the last free images I’ll post on this blog, though I’ll continue with Sinful Sunday.

But I’m going to need to make this site more commercial soon. It goes against my grain, but it’s costing me money, this site. When actually I need to be making money, if I’m to pay the gas, electricity and rates.

I just need someone to do some software work for me, and then there will be books for sale and much else. Watch the hell out of this space!


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