Probation Officer: The story so far

Here’s a recap of the story so far.

I was working as a probation officer in LA, near Palm Beach. I had a client, Ana, who was 19 to my 23, so we were both a bit sillier than we should have been. One day Ana discovered two things, one of which is that I fancied her, while the other was that I wasn’t allowed to have sex with any clients, and I didn’t intend to break that rule. So I was safe sex, or at least safe teasing. I didn’t much enjoy being her safe guy, but that was my job.

One day I happened to meet Ana at a party. It turned out that we had mutual friends. Her cousin Sa’afia was with her, and I paid Sa’afia a lot of attention partly to keep Ana off me. But that turned into genuine lust and liking for Sa’afia in no time. We went to bed, and over the next months we developed a cautious not-quite-declared kind of love.

I’d discovered that the police, one officer in particular, were harassing Ana to get at her father, who was a drug dealer who – they thought – owed them money. Things came to a head with a rape threat, and I guessed that an attempt to plant drugs on her would be the next step. And I’d managed to put a stop to that and get the most corrupt officer suspended, and probably fired.  

The night that officer, Greg Curnow, was suspended, I felt it wouldn’t be safe for Ana to go back to her apartment. Sa’afia hadn’t had time to organise an alternative place for her to stay, so Ana spent the night with Sa’afia and me at my place. She slept on the couch while Sa’afia and I went to bed together. 

Some time in the middle of the night, Sa’afia had sucked me off. And in the morning she’d fucked me, but she seemed to be angry. I had no idea why. I’d called her since, and she still was angry. 

So I shelved that problem and went to work on my other clients, the ones who weren’t Ana.

Now read on.

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