Probation Officer #96:

So Sa’afia didn’t really hit me. But she did say, “You’re with me. Can’t you forget about about fucking Ana for a fucking second?” 

I got up on my elbow and looked at her. She had hurt in her eyes. I felt anger at myself for that, and fortunately the anger was what showed up on my face. I said, “I’ve got to see the cops tomorrow. Mostly I’m seeing them about a flasher. That’s a long story and I can’t tell you anyway.” 

“What the fuck have flashers got to do with it?”

“Nothing. Wait, okay? And I’m bringing the head of Probation with me, because he’s interested in the flasher. Okay? So I’ll never have so much power again, or not for a long time, when I’m talking with the cops. And I’m going to do an ambush. While I’m at that meeting I’m going to get them to stop hassling Ana, once and for all. You have a problem with that?”

You'd really rather be talking?

You’d really rather be talking?

“Don’t be horrible. Of course I haven’t. You didn’t tell me anything about this.”

This was true. “Okay. That’s true, and I’m sorry. But I asked you about Ana’s father, not Ana. And I asked while I still remembered, because I’m bound to forget it. Because I’m with you.”

“Nice try.” But she was a bit happier. “What about Ana’s tama?”

“Tama, yeah. As far as I can see, Ana’s never committed a crime that’d get any other girl arrested. But she’s got this long criminal records full of bullshit charges. I’m thinking that someone’s using Ana to get at her … tama. You see? So I’m asking, why would the cops hate Ana’s father?” 

Sa’afia sighed. The sex we’d been having, and that we should continue having, was better than this. She said, “Okay. Make me a cup of tea, and I’ll tell you about it.” That bit is true. See? I told you she was full of feist.

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