Probation Officer #91: Lovey dovey, up to a point

Sa’afia made a noise. Something with both growling and squealing in it. Then she put up her hand. “Armission a heak?”

I said, “All right. Oh.” I withdrew my cock so it bobbed about just inside her mouth.

“Thank you.” Her lips touched me when she spoke. I liked that.

I said, “In fact, we’ll change the rules for a bit. You can speak when you want to, from now until I say otherwise.” 

She nodded. “Thank you. You said you liked hurting me.”

“Well, only in certain ways -“

“You don’t need to be defensive. I mean, you don’t. I just wanted to reply. Because I love it when you hurt me. You know, the number of times I’ve said that to anyone is … zero. I love you hurting me, and that must make me just as weird as you are. Do you know what I like best about you hurting me?” 

I frowned. “Well, I don’t know. Um, you get an adrenalin rush, and that intensifies what you’re feeling, so that makes it sexier? Um.”

“Darling, at least I know something about neurochemistry. You shouldn’t even try. No, what I love best, sir, is how much you love it. And that you think you’re being terribly wicked, and – Well, you love that. You really love it; it’s like … glee. And I love pleasing you. That’s what makes me what I am, doesn’t it?”

slap“I’m glad you are what you are.”

“Well, so am I. Now. Not before, but now. And I’m really glad that you don’t leave me in any doubt about whether I please you.”

“Mmmmm.” There was history to that last remark. Someone had left her in doubt. Probably the same lover who’d been so lukewarm about having her mouth on his cock.

I stroked Sa’afia’s mouth and ear, and then smacked her cheek.

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