Probation Officer #90: Of course

The sort of thing my mother would have said, if she’d been into bdsm, is that if you can’t think of something sexy to say then it’s better to just say nothing at all. And that it’s mostly a good idea for a dom to say the thing the submissive will be pleased to hear. I’d add: as long as you think you can carry it off.

So I said, “I’m going to beat you, Sa’afia.” I left a pause because I thought she’d like to think about sucking the cock of a man who proposed to apply a wooden stick to her bottom, making it hard enough to hurt her. Hurt her even though she was being as submissive as she knew how to be.

I added, “but don’t you dare stop when the stick lands on your ass, girl. Or bite.” I swung the rod down at the left side of her buttocks, then the right. I watched her waggle, shaking off pain like a dog shakes off water, and the two new welts form: first white, then raised, then dark. Safe? Of course I was. She opens her mouth when the rod lands. 

I’m afraid those stripes excited me. I had to resist the urge to push my cock deeper into Sa’aphia’s mouth when she gasped. She could only take my cock deeply for a second or two, and that only with warning and preparation. This isn’t cock pride: this isn’t even a Led Zep song. Sa’afia was a novice at fellatio, that’s all. 

I looked down at Sa’aphia, marvelling at her. I knew some of her thoughts and feelings, but never everything. I asked her a question I knew the answer to. “Does that hurt, girl?” 

suck1Sa’afia made a happy noise, her mouth impeded. She looked up at me, without interrupting the movement of her head, or her lips. 

I guessed whatever she’d tried to say was affirmative. So I said, “Good. So it should.” 

Sa’afia looked down again, to focus on my cock.

My guess was that just then she was telling herself that she was at the mercy of a man who liked hurting her. And that she was excited by that idea, which was perfectly compatible with the fact that it was only partly true. 

I tightened my grip on the handful of her hair that I’d been holding. I’d let her choose a comfortable depth for my cock, and I didn’t want to push her into choking. Instead I pulled back a little, so she had to pull her own hair when she bobbed her head forward. 

suckI decided that my guess about her thoughts was close enough to be true, and that Sa’afia shouldn’t have to guess about mine. I let go of her hair and stroked her face again. “And yes, beautiful girl, wonder girl, of course I love hurting you.” 

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