Probation Officer #91: A kiss on the hand can be quite continental, but a slap on the face…

Can't say I like many porn images of face-slapping. They're not affectionate, mostly, and they creep me out. But lions are sexy beasts.

Can’t say I like many porn images of face-slapping. They’re not affectionate, and they creep me out. But lions are sexy beasts.

At the time smacking Sa’afia’s face was still pretty shocking. In the last few years there’s been a fashion for hard face-slapping. It’s an internet thing, and the internet doesn’t come with a notice about not trying that at home.

I know that a lot of submissive women have tried being slapped, and some of them like it a lot. But I’ve never been able to bring myself to go beyond a firm-but-not-very-hard slap, plus some theatre to make it seem harsher than it is.

I said, into Sa’afia’s shocked silence, “You please me very much. I want you always to know that.”

The odd thing about this conversation, which maybe seems a bit lovey-dovey on the screen, is that my cock didn’t soften at all. I’m sure Sa’afia stayed wet, and that she dropped another two floors below the basement, further into submission about a second after the slap.

I pushed back into her mouth, as deep as I could go, my pelvic bone to her lips. When she started to cough I stayed for a couple of seconds before withdrawing. I gave her a second to recover, but no more. I started to move, not too deeply but hard, before she’d completely calmed. 

Before the slap I’d let her set the pace but now I took the lead, fucking her mouth, holding her head by that handful of her hair.

She wanted to be taken hard now, out of her control. And out of my control, up to a point. How did I know that? Well, desire ruled both of us, and we knew that. I’d had a different set of plans when we’d started, but I was going to come in her mouth. And soon.  

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