Probation Officer #72: Die burning and screaming, Manaia!

There was another grizzle from Ana, so I said, “Friday afternoon, ok? After your work. But in my working hours.” 

“Hmmff. I still think you should come and cuddle me. But all right. I’ll be there.” 

I closed my eyes and blew some breath out. I have been faithful to thee, Probation Service, also Sa’afia, in my fashion. “Good. Now don’t get drunk tonight. That’s a bad idea. That’s an order too, ok?”

“No getting drunk. You’re mean. But ok.”

Robot and explosion. Die, bad boyfriend, die!

Robot and explosion. Die, bad boyfriend, die!

“And watch a boy film. Something with robots and explosions. You can say, ‘die burning and screaming, Manaia’, every time something blows up. You’ll find yourself saying it a lot.”

“‘Die burning and screaming, Manaia.'” I got a suppressed giggle for that. “Yeah. That sounds like fun.”

“And have a banana smoothie.”

“Because they cure everything. I’m rolling my eyes, Mr Probation Officer Sir.”

“So am I, shoplifting girl. See you Friday. I gotta go.” I hung up. 

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