Probation Officer #71: The Junior Probation Officer’s Handbook

Ana made a protesting noise.

“Look, Ana, why not come and see me, at the office?”

“Tomorrow?” She was being puppyish.

“Can’t be tomorrow. No, I’m sorry, I’m going to be busy all day. Talking to people much less lovely than you. Make it Friday.”

“After work?”

ana spankingNo. At the office. Ana, you’re a bad girl.” 

 “You spank Sa’afia. Maybe you should -” 

“Yeah, you need a spanking, Ana. But it’s not in the probation officer’s handbook.” 

“You looked it up? For me?” 

“Absolutely I did. Turns out I’m not allowed to spank my clients. Says so, on page 96. Look, come and see me, at the office, and we’ll have a talk. Ok?” 

“I should rip page 96 out. And I bet there’s no such book, anyway.” 

“There damn well is.” There isn’t, of course. 

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