Probation officer #52: Cousins have no secrets?

I said, “Well, you will go squealing into the phone. She could hardly have missed it.”

“That wasn’t a spanking. That’s just slapping my arse a couple of times. Lots of men would do that.”

“Lots of men? You get lots of men slapping your arse?”

“That’s none of your business.”

“I’m not being jealous. Well, not out loud. It just seems kind of surreal, that’s all.”

table 1“And I said lots of men would do that. If they got the chance. I meant when you ripped my clothes off and pushed me over the table. I said that’s when you spanked me. Just before you fucked me.”

“You told Ana about that? Jesus.”

“What? We’re cousins.” As though cousins have no secrets. I have cousins. They don’t know anything. “She told me you get bossy sometimes. It makes you a different person. You keep that side of you hidden, mostly. But sometimes it comes out. She thinks it’s kind of hot. That’s why I told you to spank her.”

“Ah huh. You were looking after her best interests. And it got you spanked instead. There’s justice for you.”

“It’s not fair at all! Ana was so jealous!”

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