Probation Officer #211: A night with Ana 3

ana spaAna didn’t move.The order I’d given her was too embarrassing for her. There’s a difference between opening your thighs for a man, and obeying him when he tells you to spread your legs. She wasn’t sure if she would give me what I wanted. I sighed. “Ana, when I give you an order, I expect you to do as you’re told. Quickly. Didn’t you understand that?”

Ana arched her ass up a little further. She was sure that would please me.She could feel my cock, hard, against her hip. Then, slowly, her thighs parted. It took her an effort of will, and her body felt very stiff.

I slipped my hand between her thighs and stroked her lightly, fingertips running up and down sensitive and damp skin, outside her lips, as if I was slowly strumming a washboard. I felt her relax again. Over my knee was a good place to be. “Ana, you’re supposed to obey immediately. I’m not going to put up with waiting around while you think about it. Do you understand that?”

She breathed, “Yes.” Most of her attention was on those fingertips brushing her cunt.

“And if you don’t obey immediately, you get punished.”


“Like this.” I didn’t really have her attention until I put one hand on her left cheek, and pulled it a little apart from its equally cute neighbour. With the hand I’d used to stroke her cunt I smacked inside that hidden valley, on the left side. The first smack shocked her into immobility, but she was all movement after the second one landed, bucking and jolting over my knee. I held her down, still holding her hard little buttocks apart, aiming the smacks as close to her cunt as I could reach.

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