Probation Officer #212: A night with Ana 4

I got an “ouch” from Ana with the fifth smack, and after that she had something to say about every spank. She got two more on her left side, because I didn’t want her to think that spankings came in multiples of six. That would make them predictable, to some extent. Then I gave her eight smacks, just as hard, on the right side. Ana writhed spectacularly, like a fish on a boatdeck. She said, “ow”, and “ouch” pronounced as written, as the smacks landed. People don’t say things like “ouch” if they are actually hurting.

ana spanI stopped, still holding her in place. Her legs had splayed a little further open, and her cunt was swollen and more than a little wet. “Would you like your cunt stroked some more, Ana?”

“Please.” Then her voice turned sulky. “You hurt me.” 

“You deserved it. Now, if you listen to me you’ll get my hand back. Back stroking your cunt, I mean. Are you listening?”

“Yes!” The impatience in her voice told me that she hadn’t been hurt at all. She was still being a brat.

I smacked her again, on the undercurve of her buttocks, just above her thighs. “Listen better. Now. If I tell you to do something, you do it straight away. If you don’t, or you give me cheek, or you do it half-assed, I’ll give you a sore backside. It’s completely simple. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” That sounded almost sincere.  

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