Probation Officer #210: A night with Ana 2

Ana turned. She still had her hands on her head, and the posture made her uncertain. She’d been happy about flashing me, the night she’d stayed on my couch, but this time her nudity was at my discretion. And I was looking at her, unsmiling. She liked the display, and at the same time wanted to cover her breasts and cunt with her hands.

ana nocuntSimilarly, she’d liked being punished, when she’d hesitated about undressing. The spanks didn’t really hurt, though she’d wanted my sympathy for her suffering. But being smacked meant she’d done something wrong. She didn’t want me to think she was bad.

She took a step forward, coltish and awkward. I put the book down. “You can take your hands down now. Good girl.”

Ana put her hands together, in front of her cunt. She looked at me, hoping that was right. I’d meant to be unsmiling and serious but I couldn’t help breaking that resolution. Ana liked being smiled at, and she looked relieved. I said, “You were wondering if you were going to get extra smacks for covering your cunt. Weren’t you?” 

“Yes. I guess.” She was nervous. 

“Of course you are. Put your hands together behind your back, Ana, and come here.”

She crossed the floor quickly, and stood in front of me. She represented an enormous temptation. I wanted to tell her to drop to your knees, and guide her mouth onto my cock. But I wanted to give her a new experience, and she must have had that one before. Even Manaia would have known how to get his cock sucked.

“Stand at the side of the chair. That’s good. Now get over my knee. You’ll be all right, Ana; just do as you’re told.” 

Ana was out of practice. She bent at the waist, and put her hands on my further, right thigh, and lowered herself. Once she’d draped her body more or less over my knee, and her ass was the highest part of her body, she dropped her hands to the carpet, to steady herself and take some of her weight. I liked her weight. She’d rested her body on mine. It felt trusting. 

I put my hand on her ass. My client’s ass. I shook my head at that thought. The moment had much too much power for me to stop. I patted and squeezed that flesh, and felt Ana relax. Time to hear her come. I smacked her smartly to make her hiss, and said, “Spread your legs.”  

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