Probation Officer #170: The Samoan Minister 7

But if that train of thought was right, then I’d have to believe that Ana had sneaked into bed without waking me up. And rolled me onto my back – I remembered a hand on my chest; was that Sa’afia’s or Ana’s? – and taken my cock into her mouth and licked me till I was hard, without Sa’afia objecting or making a fuss.

Ana would have had to take the risk that I wouldn’t reach up and put my hands on her breasts, or her ass. Because if I’d felt her body, I’d have known it wasn’t Sa’afia. She or Sa’afia had pushed me back onto the pillows, to signal that I should just relax and be pleasured. I’d lain back and relaxed, since I was tired, and a little amused. If Sa’afia wanted to be a kitten and play with her master’s cock, then let her, I’d thought. I’d indulged her, and myself … But it had been an extraordinary risk for Ana to take. And Sa’afia. 

Not the world's most uncommon fantasy.

Not the world’s most original fantasy. But yes, it crossed my mind.

What would I have done if I’d reached up for Sa’afia, and found Ana? If it had been any other two girls I’d have been pleased. I supposed I’d have kissed and spanked both of them, and fucked them one by one. Not at once, sweet though that thought would be, since they were cousins and I didn’t think they’d like that.

But I wasn’t supposed to fuck Ana. And that certainly included fucking her mouth.

In practice I’d have been aghast if I’d reached for Sa’afia and discovered Ana. I probably wouldn’t have been angry; I’d have seen that they’d meant well. But if I’d found Ana sucking me I’d have been horrified. I’d only know that I shouldn’t have let it happen.

I don’t know exactly what I’d have done, but at least I’d have sent Ana back to the couch. She’d be crying. Sa’afia would be upset. I’d have had to be looking after them, while wondering what the hell was left of my professional ethics. Also my career. Even if it wasn’t my fault, I couldn’t have stayed on as Ana’s probation officer. I’d have to transfer her to someone else’s caseload. And that meant I’d have to explain why.

On the other hand, the thing was impossible. Wasn’t it?

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