Probation Officer #136: An afternoon with the police 17

I turned. “If the case against Ana had got into a court, it would have turned into a horrible mess. For the police.” 

“Yeah. So?”

“I did you a favour. Because of, you know, the cooperative relationship between the police and probation services.” Maynard rolled his eyes. “But I arranged for Jane to send you that email. Which saved you from a very nasty mess. I stopped it. Lance Holder.” 

“Jesus. The flasher?” 

“My client. He drops his pants but he’s not a violent offender. He only thumped that farm worker in self-defence.”

flashMaynard took a deep breath. “You get him to keep his dick out of sight, and we’ll drop the assault charge. I guess we could switch it to indecent exposure. Ah, all right. Not worth the time and the hell with it. Tell him to keep his pants on, except in his own home, and we’ll drop all charges.” 

“I’m sure he’ll be very happy. In the privacy of his own home. Thank you.” 

“So we don’t owe you anything. See you tomorrow.”

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