Probation officer #12: Every man in his humour

Bogie sneak-checking Claude Rains's ass. You can avoid a world of trouble if you just wear a trench coat at all times.

Bogart sneak-checking Claude Rains’s ass. Tumescence not shown. Tip! You can avoid a world of embarrassment if you just wear a trench coat and never take it off.

Ana looked at me in disbelief. I seemed to be only reasonably stupid. But what I’d just said was amazingly stupid. I met her gaze, poker-faced. She considered, and eventually her mouth quirked. Then she fell forward, resting a hand on my thigh, laughing and catching her breath.

“Oh man. Aue, oh man. You.” She laughed some more. That was probably about other things I’d done or said. “Yeah, you’re my first probation officer. Are they all weird as you?”

“Probably,” I lied. “The others mostly hide it better.”

“Hey, what’s your name?”

“Jaime.” It wasn’t the first time I’d told her my name.

‘Okay Jaime.” It was the first time she’d used it. “What did you want to talk to me about?”

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